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Young prospects Firmino and Fekir followed by Inter Milan

Hoffenheim's Roberto Firmino and Olympique Lyonnais' Nabil Fekir are Inter newest targets.

Lars Baron/Getty Images

The 14/15 football season is not over yet, but Inter Milan is already preparing the next one by trying to acquire the best players available on the market this summer. Most of the rumours that come out these days may not became reality in the future, but still it's important to keep track of them to figure out which type of players the club is looking for and how much they would be willing to spend for them.

Two offensive players are now under Inter's radar: Roberto Firmino and Nabil Fekir.

Firmino, 23-year-old Brazilian, is highly skilled trequartista - but his abilities allow him to play as a false nine too - with impressive dribbling skills and great timing for cutting into the box to capitalize on crosses, plus his incredible individual technique makes him very dangerous every time he has the ball, either as scorer or facilitator: his 22 goals and 20 assists in the last 2 German Bundesliga seasons prove that. Hoffenheim acquired him 5 years ago from Figueirense for €4 Million, but his value has grown a lot since then, and now evaluates it around €25 Million. Yep, that's a lot of money.

In case you never heard about him take a look at this video showing all his incredible skills.

Fekir, French but with Algerian origins, is even younger than the Brazilian with his 21 years old. He can play as trequartista or second striker and this year for Olympique Lyonnais has scored 13 goals along with 12 assists in 33 League 1 appearances. His speed and dribbling skills make him a real counter-attacks threat with a knack for scoring that makes up for his average passing. He shouldn't be too expensive right now since his value is €7 Million, but OL's president is known for being a colorful character and it's impossible to predict what he is planning to do with the player who he declared unsellable many times.

I must admit that both of them are very, very interesting prospects, for their abilities to score the ball and to help their teammates doing the same thing. My only concern is if need them. In the trequartista position we already have Hernanes, Shaqiri and even Guarin or Kovacic could play in that role, so we definitely don't need that type of player. On the other hand at least one - maybe two - of them will be sold this summer so Firmino or Fekir would fill the void left by their departure.