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Manchester City deny Toure's wishes to leave the club

Just when Inter were beginning to look forward to having Yaya Toure in their squad, Manchester City denied him the possibility to leave the team - leaving Mancini and Inter very disappointed.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

The Yaya to Inter saga is not finished yet, and it may not come to an end any time soon. Just two weeks ago we informed you that the Nerazzurri had reached an agreement with the Ivorian for next season, and that the only thing missing was the green light by his current club, Manchester City. Now that light has just turned into a very bright red.

Dimitri Seluk, Toure's agent, said just few weeks ago that his client had a 90% chance of leaving the English club and that Inter Milan was one of the more probable options for him if he decided to part ways with the Citizens. The mutual respect and admiration between Mancini and Yaya is one of the main reasons why the player was interested in joining the Nerazzurri, and it would be a major disappointment if this deal doesn't wrap up as they hope.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Seluk called Inter Milan technical director Piero Ausilio to inform him that Manchester City is no longer interested in selling Toure - not even for €100 Million - and that he is a crucial piece of their squad. The craziest thing about all that is not how they value the player - even if he is 32 years old - but the fact that Toure himself has implied many times that he no longer wants to play for City. It seems that forcing him to stay this way wouldn't be a smart move for them.

That said, I don't believe City won't sell Toure for the right price. For me, this is only a trick to increase his price and earn as much as possible selling him. And I can't blame them because he is a player who has the ability to make a positive impact wherever he lands.

If that is not only an economic move and they are serious about keeping him at all costs, Inter would still have hopes of signing him - maybe even saving some millions. In fact, Toure could force his way out of Manchester with the Webster ruling that allows players to exit their contract prematurely if they are denied their freedom of movement. If Toure were to go that route, it would make him a free agent on the market this summer.

To be continued.