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FC Bayern's Benatia contacted by Inter Milan

Inter Milan is looking to make a few changes to their back four and Mehdi Benatia of FC Bayern seems to be the big buying for their summer market.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Lots of criticism surrounded Inter's defense this season and for good reasons, because too many times we conceded silly goals caused by dumb and inexcusable errors by our defenders. That's why changes are needed, and minor ones won't be useful to the ambition of greatness the club have for the near future.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reported today that Inter has inquired FC Bayern about Mehdi Benatia, former Roma defender, who has made his move to Germany just last summer, and it was a very expensive one - he costed €26 million to the Bavarian club. After an injury-plagued season in which the Moroccan footballer managed to play only 15 Bundesliga matches, Bayern would have told to Inter that they could reach an agreement on the player for a price around €22 million, 4 million less than what they payed him.

With that much money Inter should pay to get him this is not a deal that will be closed in a few days, but, if the interest from both parts is real, we will hear news on the negotiations soon. As hard as it looks for Inter to take a good player like Benatia away from such an important team like Bayern, there are some factors which make this deal at least possible:

  • Inter will have to pay, spread-out, €16 million to Bayern for Shaqiri's acquiring and this shows that the clubs are in good terms lately
  • Michael Bolingbroke, Inter Milan's CEO, stated that they - him and the whole Inter management - will give Mancini what he wants, and Mancio requested at least 2-3 players with international experience
  • Background story: Benatia already called some Nerazzurri players to ask about the environment there

Bayern was interested in Ranocchia last year before acquiring the Moroccan and, if it's highly unlikely they still are after the disastrous season by the Italian, it's very probable that at least one among him, Juan Jesus and Vidic will be sold this summer, leaving an empty spot for a starting defender in the squad and giving Inter the money needed to buy Benatia.