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Perisic & Shaqiri: Same road, different directions

Perisic has agreed to sign with Inter while Schalke are monitoring Shaqiri, whose time as a Nerazzurro seems short.

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Earlier this week we told you that Mancini wanted another addition in the forward department, but there could be a small delay on that. Why? It's simple: Inter have reportedly reached an agreement with Perisic - the main candidate for the spot - but the Nerazzurri first want to sell another player to have the money to acquire Perisic.

The key to acquiring Perisic is selling Shaqiri. The Swiss national has already turned down a move to English side Stoke City in this transfer market and has expressed many times that he really wants to play for Inter. To be fair, Shaqiri failed to impress in his six months here, but he is a young and talented player with a bright future ahead. This is likely the exact reason why the Nerazzurri are trying to sell him: he is one of the few players Inter currently own who would bring a good amount of cash back into the club's wallet, which is much-needed after all the spending done so far this summer.

Shaq already turned down a transfer to Stoke and has also stated he doesn't want to join any Premier League team, despite interest from Merseyside club Everton. Right now the only club ready to make an offer for him is Schalke 04, and they are willing to spend €16 million plus €2 million or €3 million more in bonuses. Regardless, Shaqiri seems resolute in his intentions of not leaving Inter anytime soon, so it is very difficult to say now what will happen next with him.

Inter want to bring Perisic to the club whether Shaq is sold or not. If the Swiss international will accept an offer from another club, then the Nerazzurri would buy the Croatian in full for around €16 million; if not, Inter are ready to take him on an onerous loan, paying him €2 million up front and then paying the remaining €16 million when the loan ends in 2016.

The situation appears to have reached a deadlock and it will probably stay like that until next Wednesday unless Shaqiri decides to accept Schalke's - or any other club's - offer.