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Who will make Mancini's 25 man roster?

We all know the squad is too big right now so let's try and figure out which players will be a part of Inter's submitted roster at the start of the season.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Inter had been investing heavily in the transfer market so far this summer, with Montoya, Miranda, Murillo, Kondogbia, Biabiany, and soon to be Jovetic all joining the team. The club might still be looking into bringing in Perisic as well. When added to the players returning from loan spells and former Primavera players being called up, the squad is looking pretty big. The fact that the squad has to be limited to 25 players makes this look even worse. Mancini and Ausilio both know that some of the players will either have to be sold, loaned out, or cut from the final roster. With that in mind let's see if we can predict which players will be on that final roster submitted to the FIGC.

Handanovic (G, 31): The team's starting goalkeeper who also plans to sign a new contract at the start of the season. He will be in the squad. Verdict: Definitely yes (#1)

Carrizo (G, 31): As the club's second choice keeper he will also be on the roster. Verdict: No Europa League matches for us to worry about so yes (#2)

Berni (G, 32): Though he probably will not play a single match all season, a third goalkeeper is necessary so he will make the cut. Verdict: Because we don't want to tempt fate, yes (#3)

D'Ambrosio (D, 26): There have been few transfer rumors surrounding him until very recently and he puts in a decent shift at full-back so he will likely make the cut unless a good offer comes in for him. Verdict: Probably (#4)

Dimarco (D, 17): The young full-back made two late substitute appearances last season and started in two of the friendlies Inter played in China. Expect him to either return to the Primavera squad or go out on loan. Verdict: Highly unlikely

Montoya (D, 24): Seeing as he just arrived this summer from Barcelona, he is basically guaranteed a place in the squad. Verdict: Definitely yes (#5)

Santon (D, 24): Exit rumors towards the full-back who just arrived in January have cooled recently, making it more likely that he stays. The club has showed that they would be interested in selling him if a good offer came in and Santon agreed to the move though. Verdict: Probably but questionable (#6?)

Dodo (D, 23): He's here on loan from Roma and the club has given no indication that they plan on sending him back early. Verdict: Yes (#7)

Nagatomo (D, 28): It seems like Naga has taken Santon's place on the chopping block. A number of clubs are apparently interested in the Japanese full-back, and his agent has expressed interest in joining Galatasaray. Verdict: Probably not

Andreolli (D, 29): The center-back has attracted attention recently from clubs like Sampdoria and Fiorentina. If an offer comes in he will be sold. Verdict: Probably not

Murillo (D, 23): One of the numerous new signings who will be fighting for a starting spot in central defense.  Verdict: Definitely yes (#8)

Miranda (D, 30): I could copy word-for-word what was written for Murillo. Verdict: Definitely yes (#9)

Vidic (D, 33): Even though he had a brief run of good form towards the end of the season, Miranda will likely take over the role of experienced leader in the defense. Everton is apparently interested in taking Vidic and if an offer comes in, expect him to leave. Verdict: Lol no goodbye

Juan Jesus (D, 24): A few clubs have looked at the Brazilian center-back but unless a good offer comes in, he will be registered to play for Inter at the start of the season.  Verdict: Very likely (#10)

Popa (D, 18): The young defender (who apparently can also play defensive midfielder) got some playing time in China but will likely either be sent back to the Primavera or sent out on loan. Verdict: Highly unlikely

Ranocchia (D, 27): He just signed a contract extension so he will most likely be staying (unless dreams do come true and Wolfsburg take him for Perisic). Just because he is sticking around doesn't necessarily mean he will be starting (let alone being captain) but for the purposes of this article, yes he will most likely be in the squad. Verdict: Unless a Christmas miracle occurs, yes (#11)

Taider (M, 23): After a failed loan spell at Southampton and a fairly more successful one at Sassuolo, the Algerian midfielder is back at Inter. He could be a decent squad player if motivated enough (which usually seems to be his problem). There are some clubs interested in him so if a bid is made Inter will probably ship him out.  Verdict: Probably not

Brozovic (M, 22): Arrived in January and the club has no intentions of having him leave anytime soon.  Verdict: Definitely yes (#12)

Kovacic (M, 21): There were definitely other teams that wanted the young midfielder but it looks like he'll be sticking around (to the excitement of most Inter fans).  Verdict: Thanks to #savekovacic, yes (#13)

Kondogbia (M, 22): €35m+. That's all I need to say. Verdict: Without a shadow of a doubt yes (#14)

Delgado (M, 18): Given his age, he will be sent back to the Primavera or out on loan Verdict: Highly unlikely

Medel (M, 27): There are clubs interested in the Chilean after a solid campaign+Copa America. Inter is not exactly eager to ship him out but for the right price he could leave. Verdict: Probably but questionable (#15?)

Guarin (M, 29): Of all the midfielders, Guarin is the one the club has most actively tried to sell but he has refused so far, expressing a desire to win at Inter (and eventually become the club's captain). Unless Ausilio can convince him to pack his bags he'll be here at the start of the season. Verdict: It's looking pretty likely whether the club likes it or not (#16)

Hernanes (M, 30): His good form in the second half of the season means that Inter will most likely keep him around at the start of the season (provided some big offer doesn't come in for the Brazilian). Verdict: Most likely (#17)

Gnoukouri (M, 18): Of all the Primavera players in his class, he is one of two most likely to stay in the first team (the other being Puscas). If not he will be sent out on loan to get consistent playing time. Verdict: Maybe (#18?)

Baldini (F, 18): Staying on this end of the age spectrum, the young winger was called up for the tour of China but will most likely be returning to the Primavera squad at the start of the season. Verdict: Nope

Biabiany (F, 27): His return to Inter guarantees him a place on the squad. Verdict: Definitely yes (#19)

Camara (F, 19): Bari and a few other clubs have expressed interest in the winger. Verdict: Loan/Primavera=no

Shaqiri (F, 23): At this point it is clear that Inter want to ship him out. He has rejected a series of proposed moves so far, with the agreed to deal with Schalke falling apart now due to either wage issues or him wanting Mancini to give him a chance to prove himself until at least January. I'm going to include him in the roster because either he is going to stay and will be included in the squad or he goes and Perisic arrives and takes his place. Verdict: One way or another this spot is being filled (#20)

Palacio (F, 33): His age means any resale value is dropping fairly quickly at this point, but the club will most likely keep him around in order to provide coverage/competition for Jovetic. Verdict: Prepare yourself for another season of the rat tail (#21)

Icardi (F, 22): Dude turned down Real Madrid to stay here. Enough said. Verdict: One of the first names in Mancini's lineup (#22)

Jovetic (F, 25): His move is all but official so I'm just going to go ahead and put him in the roster. Verdict: On the roster, on the pitch, hopefully not on the injury table (#23)

Longo (F, 23): Before the Jovetic deal happened, I would have said that this would finally be his season to get a chance to prove himself at Inter, albeit from the bench. Mancini said he would evaluate him during preseason and in China he didn't do bad, but he also didn't necessarily impress many. Verdict: See Puscas

Puscas (F, 19): The young striker really impressed in the Primavera squad and got some playing time for the first team last season. He will either go out on loan for some consistent playing time or he will be kept as an understudy to the main attackers on the team. If the second option occurs let's hope it goes better than the last time the club tried to develop a young striker while staying with the senior squad, aka Luc Castaignos (anybody remember him?) Verdict: One of him or Longo will stick around as the backup option (#24)

I believe that's it. My version only included 24 players in case somebody doesn't end up being sold or Mancini suddenly falls in love with one of the Primavera babies and calls him up to the senior side (one of those options is considerably more likely than the other). Keep in mind this squad requires a couple of senior players get sold or loaned and some young players either return to the Primavera side, go out on loan, or are sold as well. Now it makes more sense why Mancini and Ausilio are getting mildly frustrated with all these players rejecting transfers away from the club.

Update: There are no restrictions to U-21 players so the youngsters can stick around without there being any problems with the FIGC. There is of course, the issue of them needing adequate playing time to develop so it is still doubtful they all (or even most of them) stick around with the senior squad.

So what do you think? Who do you think #25 should be? Is there any verdicts that you don't agree with? Sound off in the comment section.