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New options for the wings: Lavezzi and Lamela

And Borini but the less said about that the better...

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Though Perisic's agent is doing his best to make a move to Inter happen for his client, Wolfsburg seems content to wait and see how their transfer saga with Manchester City over Kevin De Bruyne turns out. The German club seems okay with selling one of their two star players, but not both. With this in mind Ausilio has started to seriously consider other options to give Mancini more width in his attack.

The first of the new names is not so new, we've been hearing rumors of him coming to Inter basically ever since he left Napoli for PSG. 3 years later and Ezequiel Lavezzi is still being linked with the Nerazzurri, but now things seem different (aka there's actually a chance the move will happen this time). Lavezzi's agent has been talking up the idea of a move back to Italy, and he was seen in Milan on Monday presumably to meet with Inter's representatives to discuss a transfer.

The 30 year old is entering the final year of his contract with PSG and the French side looks fairly willing to let him go. They are reportedly asking for  €12m for a purchase, Inter are looking for a loan. Given that his contract ends at the conclusion of this season any loan would most likely come with an obligation to purchase the Argentine winger.

Speaking of Argentine wingers, the other new name being linked to Inter is Erik Lamela. He has failed to impress in England after leaving Roma to join Tottenham for €30m back in 2013. Though he has shown flashes of his potential, the English club looks like it might finally be willing to try to recoup some of the money spent on Lamela and accept a bid from Inter.

Lamela's father has confirmed that Inter is negotiating to bring his son back to Italy and has welcomed a chance to return to more familiar settings. The current formula being touted in the media is a  €6m loan with a  €14m obligation to purchase at the end of the year.

Finally there is the Borini situation. On Sunday a number of media outlets reported that Liverpool player Fabio Borini had told people close to him that he would be joining Inter within the next 48 hours. Outside of that there have been so far no statements from Borini's agent, Liverpool, or Inter to confirm or deny this. Some say that even if one of Perisic, Lavezzi, or Lamela (or maybe even two of them ) arrive that Borini will still join the club. All I can say with this one is that we should just wait and see what happens.