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Puscas and Camara to join Donkor at Bari

Having already sent Isaac Donkor on loan to the Puglia-based club, Inter have now loaned two more of their promising youngsters to Davide Nicola's side

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Three weeks after Inter agreed a deal for Isaac Donkor to spend the coming season on loan at Serie B side Bari, the Nerazzurri have sent Davide Nicola two more of their promising Primavera graduates to look after. They clearly trust him.

The first of these bright prospects is 19 year-old Romanian forward George Puscas, who was handed his first four senior appearances under Roberto Mancini in the second half of last season. A lot of people within the club appear to think rather highly of this kid, given that they chose to keep him on their books instead of Federico Bonazzoli back in January (who we sold for some money), so hopefully he will be given some regular playing time and the chance to transition properly into a first-team footballer. There was some interest from a few Serie A clubs for his services about a month ago, most notably Sassuolo, but negotiations never properly took off with anybody and eventually paved the way for Bari to step in. From what I've heard courtesy of people who watch our Primavera side more than I do, he might already be good enough to hold his own in the top flight, but there is more than enough time for that in the future, so never mind.

The other half of this double operation is Gaston Camara, the 19 year-old Guinean who is Puscas' senior by a mere eight days. Like Puscas, he has been promising quite a lot in the Primavera side in the last couple of years and made his first-team debut back in November, under the manager who came before Mancini that I can't bring myself to name, so hopefully he too will be able to use this year to gain some experience in a less-pressured environment.

As for the deals themselves, they are both exactly the same as the deal for Donkor: an initial season-long loan, with an option for Bari to buy them outright (reportedly €2m for both) and a subsequent counter-option for Inter to buy them back thereafter (reportedly €3m for both).

Having said that the pressure will be less ferocious than it is at Inter, they won't be free of it down in Bari either - although that is probably a good thing. They had comfortably the highest average attendance in Serie B last season, at almost 20,000 spectators per game, and are very much aiming for promotion to Serie A this time around after a slightly disappointing 2014-15 campaign. If our three lads (Puscas, Camara and Donkor) can all help each other to settle in, impress enough in training to gain occasional places in the starting XI and withstand the pressure of an expectant public, this could turn out to be a very useful little deal indeed for all parties. Good luck to them.