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AC Milan 2-2 Inter: Player Ratings

A well played Derby that Inter should (and could) have won.

AC Milan v FC Internazionale - Serie A Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

How bad we needed a win? Very bad. How close we were from undeservedly losing the Derby? Very close. So, if I had to look at the pure result, I'm not mad that we have earned one point against our evil cousins yesterday. But watching the match, it was clear which team was better and if they hadn't wasted so many easy chances, should have ground out an important win. We, the Nerazzurri. That's why I'm mad and that's why since the first week of the season I always expect more from this squad, which has talent and quality, but lacks that little something that could make them a very good, maybe even great, team.

(You can find the full recap of this entertaining match by Baraka here)


Samir Handanovic - 6

He didn't really have chances to show his goalkeeping abilities yesterday because Milan (Suso) capitalized the few shots on goal they took, and he couldn't do much on both of them.

Danilo D'Ambrosio - 6

I must say that I never saw a more accurate cross from him than the one Perisic failed to convert in the first half. He was a little shaky at the very beginning when Niang tried to attack on his flank and I already assumed the worst based on those few initial minutes, but the connection between him and Candreva worked out great and in the end, he was the one who forced the Rossonero winger to draw back and defend his pushes. I like when he and Antonio overlaps and most of the time that happens, especially yesterday, it leads to dangerous chances.

Joao Miranda - 6

Our general was almost impeccable, as usual. Suso's second goal was caused by a lucky bounce on a soft challenge by the Brazilian in the box, so one could argue that he could have done better in that circumstance. However, I think he was smart because he tried to prevent the Spanish from having the ball in the right position to shoot with his preferred foot, the left one, shifting his balance on his right leg so when the opponent tried to get past him using the other foot he didn't have enough balance and strength in his foot to stop the ball.

Gary Medel - 6.5

He was forced to leave the field just after 37 minutes because of a knee injury and before that moment, he may have been our best player on the pitch. Pioli started him as a defender and it might be the right place to have him, so I sincerely hope that what made him leave so early isn't as serious as it seemed yesterday. Get well soon, Pitbull.

Cristian Ansaldi - 4

If Suso was able to give his best Messi impression yesterday Ansaldi's horrible performance played a big part in that. I still think that he could be our best fullback, but yesterday D'Ambrosio absolutely outclassed him in every aspect so he has to try much harder if he wants to maintain this useless crown.

Marcelo Brozovic - 5.5

I like the fact that Marcelo has made his way back in the starting lineup. He along with Joao Mario is the most complete midfielder we have, and he is also very good at making himself appear inside the opponent's box. He did a fairly good job in this derby, even though he wasn't able to create much because of Milan's steady catenaccio. If Pioli managed to make Parolo a decent/good player I can only imagine what could he do with Brozo.

Geoffrey Kondogbia - 5.5

Some thinks that he is a complete bust, not worthy of a single appearance in nerazzurro. Others think that he is young and he should be given more playing time to actually see his true value. I think that the truth, as always, lays in the middle. Kondogbia has undeniable physical and athletic skills, but he lacks the mental calmness and the quick thinking to play under pressure. He lost too many balls yesterday, but also was the only one able to stop Bonaventura from making a mockery of our defense.

Antonio Candreva - 7

I was one of his harshest critics not a long time ago. I still hate when he makes his Hollywood-worthy stuntman dives to trick the referee and earn imaginary free-kicks, even though he is doing it for the team I support. I must admit that he is one of the hardest worker on this team and one of the most talented winger in the Serie A, so I'm happy that he has the Inter shirt on.

I don't know what kind of relationship he and Pioli have since their Lazio days, but Stefano sure knows how to take the best out of him. Candreva, stunning goal aside, played an almost perfect match, even when he was asked to play more in the center to help Joao Mario. Keep being great, Antonio.

Joao Mario - 6

Pioli needs to find him a defined role as soon as possible to take advantage of his incredible talent. I think he his more comfortable playing behind Banega because he still lacks the cold blood to make the last, crucial pass to create a good chance to score. His calmness and composure in the midfield always takes pressure off his teammates, giving them more space to operate. He didn't do anything particularly flashy yesterday, but he was solid, as usual.

Ivan Perisic - 5.5

I think he had a bad good game. I don't know if it makes sense, but it's the only way I can find to describe his performance in the Derby. He scored the decisive goal that got Inter the draw, but he also missed two crystal clear chances to take the lead in the first half that could have completely changed the outcome of this important match. He was always ready and dangerous in the Milan area, but he didn't create a single chance for Icardi or any other teammate. He forced Abate to stay in his defensive half, but he also never helped Ansaldi in his disastrous war with Lionel Suso. So, thanks for the draw Ivan, but we need a bigger effort from a player of your talent.

Mauro Icardi - 5

Was he on the pitch yesterday? Because, honestly, I couldn't tell. No wait, he failed to convert two easy chances from a very short distance. Bad day at the office for the captain, but I'm sure he will bounce back already in the next match.


Jeison Murillo - 5

All the promising things he showed us last season have completely disappeared this summer and this guy who wears the #24 shirt is a very distant relative from who we thought Murillo was. He lacks confidence, focus and determination. He made the mistake that led to Suso's second goal.

Yuto Nagatomo - 6

I think we got Nagatomo's best performance in a very long time and pleased with that. The fact that the best he can do is not screwing everything up is still a really concerning matter though.

Stevan Jovetic - 5

Quoting Baraka, "can anybody tell me one useful thing Jovetic has done all season?"


Stefano Pioli - 6

Not the easiest debut for a coach, especially considering the period of form Inter is still going through. Pioli decided to not revolutionize the module the player were accustomed to, but he made some tweaks here and there and while some worked out fairly well, other didn't. For example, Gary Medel looked very comfortable at playing as a centre-back alongside Miranda, while Joao Mario didn't shine as a trequartista. I loved the fact that the team started with a very aggressive mindset from the very first minute, forcing the opposition to lose possession many times and allowing them only to play with long, difficult passes. Let's see if he can maintain the team's intensity level this high all season long.