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Mancini given one match ban

Mancini's comments and actions during and after yesterday's defeat sees him banned for Wednesday's match against Chievo Verona.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

As we all know by now Mancini seriously lost his cool during the match yesterday. First, he screamed at the referees when they did not call a penalty for a collision between Milan's young goalkeeper Donnarumma and Eder (it wasn't a penalty). Then once he was sent off for his actions he gave the middle finger to the Milan fans. Finally, during his post-match interview he turned on the reporters, calling their questions "bullshit" and storming off before the interview was complete.

The Lega Serie A has responded to what occurred and has handed the Inter coach a one match ban along with a €5,000 fine. This ban will see him miss out on the match Wednesday against Chievo Verona. This might not be the end of things though, as the Italian Sports Press Union has called for a meeting with the President of the Coaches Association in Italy in order to discuss Mancini's "unacceptable, rude, and arrogant" actions and try to find a way to promote more respect between coaches and reporters.

I see no problem with this ban and fine. Mancini's actions yesterday were disappointing and he needs to keep his calm, especially in moments when the team is struggling. When the players have their heads down they need to be able to look to their coach for motivation not for examples on how to implode when the going gets tough. Hopefully he can get his head straight before he returns to the touchline for the weekend match against Hellas Verona.