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Time to focus on next season

At this point Ausilio and Mancini should start looking at the squad to figure out who will stay and who will go.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Seven points separate Inter and Roma with four matches left. Fiorentina are two points behind but their inconsistencies give an impression that they will not catch Inter (so long as performances like yesterday's are not the norm in these final matches). With Inter seemingly secure in 4th place, focus must start to shift towards next season and what the objectives will be.

It is readily apparent that Thohir will want to see Inter challenge for Champions League spots next season, that was his primary objective this season. But it will be interesting to see how serious the club takes the Europa League and if Mancini really tries to make a deep run in the competition. Winning the Europa League will provide a route to the Champions League for that following season, though playing matches on Thursday have had adverse effects on clubs in their league games. I would imagine that Mancini would use rotated squads for the group stages and if it looks like the team has a chance of making it far (or even winning), his priority would shift to this competition.

In terms of finishing out this 15/16 season though, there are a number of players who cannot be certain whether or not they have a future at the club. Players like Telles, Melo, Ljajic, and Jovetic will all be fighting for their future in the final four matches, so I expect to see them stepping up their game. I also would like to see Gnoukouri and Manaj get some playing time in these last few matches. Gnoukouri looked like a rising star last season but has seen almost no playing time this season, so hopefully he can stretch his legs a little and show off what he's learned from training with the first team.