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Major changes rumored in Inter management

In the past few days there have been reports concerning shifts in the coaching and investment front for Inter.

Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

According to recent reports there have been a couple of potential changes in the Inter backroom. These changes mostly included shifts in the coaching staff and in shares of ownership at the club. We're going to go through these rumors and assess the likelihood that they occur.

First we'll talk about the coaching front. There have been rumors (once again) that Roberto Mancini could leave the club at the end of the season, but this time his reported destination would be Arsenal. Apparently if Arsene Wenger leaves the club this summer the English side would make a move to bring in Mancini. This is seriously unlikely since Arsenal and Wenger are basically married to each other and I don't see him retiring or getting fired this summer. Another rumor is that long-time Inter favorite Diego Simeone could be coming to Inter soon. The Atletico Madrid manager spoke on his desire to coach Inter and said that he sees it happening at some point. I do think this will happen and I look forward to it, but I don't see this happening this summer. Atletico is doing well this season and he has no reason to leave now.

Now onto the investment front. A story that has recently emerged is that Thohir has found potential investors in Suning Commerce Group, owners of Chinese club Jiangsu Suning. They could be willing to purchase 20% of Inter with 14% coming from Thohir and 6% from Moratti. I am not sure if this would happen for a couple of reasons. First, Moratti has already came forward and said that he does not want to sell his shares of Inter, though he could possibly be convinced or Thohir could give up more shares. More importantly though, I would be surprised that a group would be willing to come in and buy a part of the club and not have a say in how the team is run, and I would imagine that a 20% stake in Inter would not give them much power on the board. The final story that has been spoken of is that Thohir could be looking to invest in West Bromwich Albion. According to reports he would use the money raised from selling some of this Inter shares to gain a part of the English club. I struggle to see this happening, his time at Inter hasn't exactly been a success and the board of WBA might not be eager to see him joining the club. Also with the new massive TV deal impacting the BPL next season it will probably cost more to invest in English clubs, and I doubt selling 14% of Inter would leave him with enough money to buy a sizable portion of WBA.