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Inter's youth teams continue to dominate

Inter's U14 team won their league today, continuing a trend of spectacular work by the Inter Academy.

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Inter's academy has been incredibly successful picking up trophies left and right, and that trend is continuing this season. Today the U14 team (Giovanissimi Regionali) wrapped up their league title with an match to spare after a 10-2 victory over Varese. This is not their only achievement this season as they won the Giovani Speranze Tournament last week in a dominant fashion, beating Torino in the semifinal 11-1 and Lecce in the final 8-0. On the same day the U13 squad (Giovanissimi Regionali B) won the Citta di Abana Terme Tournament.

The other levels of the youth academy have also done very well this season. The U15 team finished in second place during the regular season and have qualified for the Round of 16 of their season's playoffs. The U17 Lega Pro and U17 Serie A e B sides both finished on top of their regular season league tables. The Berretti squad cruised to first place in their table and await the final stage of their season later in May while the crown jewel of the Inter youth academy, the Primavera, are at the top of their league table, won a massive Derby match-up against AC Milan to send them into the Final Eight of their tournament structure, and won the Primavera Coppa Italia over Juventus back in April. This latest victory means that the Inter Primavera system now has six victories in the tournament.

Congratulations Giovanissimi Regionali and all of the other Inter youth squads!