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Brozovic wants to stay at Inter

Marcelo Brozovic has spoken about the rumors of him leaving, but of course his agent had to butt in again.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

So far Marcelo Brozovic has been the Inter player that looks most likely to be sold this summer to raise funds for the club. There has been reported interested from a couple of Premier League sides, and whenever Brozovic's agent got a chance he always played up his client's availability. Now the 23 year old midfielder has spoken about the rumors of a move and outlined his desire to stay in the city of Milan.

Speaking while away with the Croatian National Team for Euro 2016, Brozovic said that he was unsure if Inter has plans to sell him but he wants to stick around at the club. His agent, Miroslav Bicanic, later brought up that Brozovic would be happy to stay if he got an improved contract; one that puts him on par with the other top players at the club. He also mentioned that nothing would probably happen until after Euro 2016.

While I do agree that Brozovic deserves a pay raise (reportedly he only makes €1.2m per year which puts him at only the 15th highest paid player in the squad), the way his agent has gone about this has been annoying at best and classless at worst. In an ideal world Marcelo Brozovic would get his improved contract, he would stick around, and his agent would not.