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Perisic scores to send Croatia through as Group D winners

Ivan Perisic has been tearing it up this summer!

Ian Walton/Getty Images

It took Ivan Perisic a little while to get things going once he arrived at Inter but once he did he showed a great run of form that has carried into his time with the Croatian National Team this summer at Euro 2016. He has been one of the stars of this team in the group stage and he capped things off today with an assist and match-winning goal against Spain to finish at the top of Group D.

Look at this beauty:

All I can say here is bravo to Perisic for playing so well so far in this tournament. Let's hope he continues this run of form next season. Credit must also be given to Roberto Mancini for recognizing how good Perisic could be and for insisting that Inter sign him no matter what. Finally, to emphasize how good Perisic was today:

Also look at those abs. Damn.