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Inter's change of ownership: more news and Milly Moratti's interview with Il Giornale

On Monday Thohir and Suning will make their deal official, meanwhile Milly Moratti, Massimo's wife, released an "interesting" interview for Il Giornale in which she openly talked about Thohir and the imminent sale of the club.

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

As everybody already knows - if not, just read our article on this topic - Erick Thohir is on the verge of selling Inter to Suning Commerce Group, a Chinese company. At first, almost everyone was skeptical about the veracity of the news, but day after day more details surfaced to confirm that the interest is real and an agreement has already been reached. Fulvio Santucci, who is always a reliable source of information about the Nerazzurri, tweeted today to confirm the deal between Thohir and Suning, also adding that Moratti will most probably leave his place in the boards of directors.

Despite this news, Milly Moratti in an interview with Italian newspaper Il Giornale claimed that "nothing has been defined yet" about the Thohir-Suning deal despite talking about ET's ownership using the past tense for the whole interview.

There's nothing personal between us and Erick, but we think that his presidency at Inter has been a wasted opportunity.

Everyone is allowed to run a company the way he wants. Inter is a special club though, with special supporters, very territorial in its soul. This is what he failed to understand. He didn't understood the value of passion.

Then she had some (kinder) words for Suning, and Chinese investors in general.

Chinese are very reasonable people.

They [Zhan Jindong's family] made a very good impression to us. Especially Zhan Jindong's son, who is extremely interested in Milan's economic improvements.

She also sounded really confident about Moratti being appointed as Inter's local spokesperson, in a similar way to what happened to Marco Tronchetti Provera when Pirelli was acquired by ChemChina.

Expect more news on this topic tomorrow and especially on Monday when everything about the deal should finally become official.