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Inter waiting on Gabigol

Santos confirmed that Inter has submitted a bid for Gabigol and now wait for the player’s response

Japan U-23 v Brazil U-23 - International Friendly Photo by Koji Watanabe/Getty Images

(As a disclaimer, I also agree with Luca’s assessment of the Gabigol nickname, but I’m going to use it anyways because I’m lazy.)

After losing out on Gabriel Jesus to Manchester City, Inter turned to the other hot prospect playing in Brazil, Gabigol. The 19 year old has many suitors in Europe but Inter has been seen as the most likely candidate to sign the attacker, and the president of Santos has confirmed that the Nerazzurri have submitted an official offer for him. He stated that the club is waiting to hear back from the player and his family and if they approve the club can finalize negotiations and wrap up a deal.

There probably will not be an answer until after Gabriel Barbosa and the rest of the Brazilian squad wraps up their Olympic tournament. It looked like they might finish early but two goals from Gabigol helped Brazil to a 4-0 victory and a quarterfinal matchup against Colombia. Inter fans should be hopeful no matter when he gives his answer, there are indications that he is willing to join Frank De Boer’s squad (though likely at the start of the new year) so there is a good chance that a deal can be made.

(Personally, I’m a little hesitant about this move. Prior reports suggested that Inter was going to offer Gabigol €3.5m a year in wages, immediately putting him among the highest-paid players in the squad. I feel like bringing in a 19 year old and paying him that much could potentially make a lot of other players fairly upset and agitating for improved contracts, especially if he doesn’t hit the ground running. You think Wanda Nara has been mad before, wait till a 19 year old shows up and starts making more money than her beloved. I could be worried for nothing though, those reports could be exaggerated or he could show up and score 20 goals in his first season.)