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Zanetti speaks his mind during Inter Night

The former Inter captain shared his thoughts about the start of the season, Icardi and other topics in an interview with Premium Sport during the Inter Night event on Wednesday.

Bocelli And Zanetti Night - Hospitality Photo by Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images for Bocelli & Zanetti Night

Bolingbroke, Zanetti, De Boer and the whole Inter squad met the 2016/17 season-ticket holders at the San Siro on Wednesday night during the so called Inter Night. It was a great moment, reserved to those special supporters who decided to follow the team in every home match this season. Each one of them in fact made sure to remember how important the fans are for the team especially when everything is not going as planned.

Usual formalities and captatio benevolentiae aside, Zanetti took some time to talk with Premium Sport explaining his feelings about what has happened to the team in the recent weeks.

He started speaking on behalf of the club after the tragic event that hit central Italy on Wednesday.

We're all very upset for the victims and offer our support to the families.

Then he wanted to give a little reminder to the squad about what they have to do in order to reach their targets and show their will to fight for the black and blue shirt.

Nobody is happy with what happened on Sunday but we have to react, starting here at home against Palermo...We can't look for excuses. Frank is an intelligent coach and he knows where we need to improve. The squad has quality and they have to show it.

He was also asked to share his thoughts about Handanovic's comments regarding the preseason tour in the USA, which would be the main cause for the physical issues of the team according to the Slovenian goalkeeper.

Loads of teams went on preseason tours, now we just have to think about training and playing. Not even two months have passed since the change in owners, we need time but we're all aware of how much we can give.

Nobody was safe during this interview, and the always sincere Pupi didn't hold back when asked about Icardi too.

As for Mauro Icardi, we have said officially that he's not for sale, beyond that we haven't entered into these media games. The time will come when we have to find a solution with him and we'll tell you what we need to. Right now he needs to think about playing and doing his job as captain.

How could we not agree with him?

You can watch the highlights of the event in the following video and look at some of the photos taken during the event here.