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The Offside Inter Milan is now Serpents of Madonnina!

The site has been rebranded!

Serpents of Madonnina

When I first took over as Supreme Overlord of this site the possibility of a name change had been floating around for while so I decided that this was going to happen. If you’ve been following our twitter account you would have noticed a name change a little while ago there and now the switch is official. The Offside Inter Milan is now Serpents of Madonnina.

Outside of a name change and a minor picture altering not much will be different. You’ll have the same writers and the same content, though we’re really going to be pushing a more community site. If you’ve been following the site for a while and don’t really comment much (or at all), make your voice heard. I’m sure you have interesting thoughts to share. If you’re a newcomer, make an account and say hi. This isn’t just a news site, its a blog for you. Make this community space yours.

Building off that point if you have suggestions for articles let us know and we’ll try to incorporate them into the site. We just got a request to do player rating articles and now we’re giving them a shot. Also if you have a cool idea for a story make a FanPost. FanPosts are articles created by y’all to have a larger voice than just the comment section. That’s how I got started here, making FanPosts and then eventually joining as one of the writers after the old regime left. Speaking of eventually joining on, there may come a time in the future when law school forces me to spend less time around (or Will or Luca have to take time off for some reason) and we need a new writer here. If that’s something that interests any of you feel free to reach out and we can put your name on a shortlist, and especially start thinking about making some FanPosts so we can see what you can do.

With that in mind we welcome you to the new Serpents of Madonnina!