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Inter Concept Uniforms 2017-18

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Fan-made jerseys look beautiful.

Mikael Ishhanian

A few days ago, one of our readers, Mikael Ishhanian, submitted concept designs for next season's uniforms celebrating the club’s 110th anniversary. The designs are stunning and a contrast from the traditional designs that we have become so accustomed to. The stunning uniforms proposed look magnificent in my opinion but represent a substantial leap from the uniforms our team has donned throughout the history of the club.

Mikael Ishhanian

The home kits pay homage to Inter’s black and blue traditions but instead of continuing with the stripes, they go directly to Inter’s roots of the black and blue nighttime sky that the clubs’ founders first gazed upon when they came up with the idea of this team. Even with the shift away from the vertical stripes in the proposed uniform, the uniform still holds many of the traits that are characteristic of the club. I love the designs and would be glad if the team adopted the uniforms for the next season. The team has also seen experiments with third kits in recent years, so maybe it is time for more experimentation with the home and away kits.

Mikael Ishhanian

The away kits stay with the general white theme the club has traditionally used, but includes shades of blue to make a cloudy daytime the focus of the jersey. It’s definitely something different that what the club has done before but looks good.

Mikael Ishhanian

Finally the third kit. This has always been given the most leeway for differences (see this year’s Sprite abomination) and this version sees a gradient sunrise as the template for the jersey. Another interesting detail was the inclusion of Suning’s logo as Inter’s kit sponsor and I actually don’t hate how it looks. I’m not sure how it would look on Inter’s home or away kits but I think it works on this one.

What do you think? Would you appreciate the new design or prefer to stick with a more traditional look? For more information on the proposed jerseys check out: