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Crotone 2-1 Inter: Player Ratings

Another tough game to watch. Let’s hope this does not become a weekly issue.

FC Crotone v FC Internazionale - Serie A Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

An unispired Inter side limped to yet another defeat again this week. For the the first time since Pioli has taken the reigns of the club, the club has lost two consecutive leage matches. In both of these matches, Inter struggled to create chances and the side gave away silly penalties. A response is needed from this team in order to show that the players are worthy of the uniforms.


Samir Handanovic - 6

It is hard not to feel bad for Handanovic. Yes, this may not have been his best performance as a keeper, but for the second week in a row, a stupid penalty was conceded by an Inter player. Not only this, but in recent weeks the defense has been absolutely shambolic. It is not his fault the team has been leaking goals every week.

Danilo D'Ambrosio- 5.5

Something is wrong when a defender is the only one scoring. In the last two games, Inter's sole scorer has been Danilo. Credit does have to go to Danilo for positioning himself in the right place two weeks in a row, but eventually a forward will have to put the ball in the back of the net if the team wants to win. Even though Danilo scored, this does not excuse his poor defending which was exposed in the first half.

Miranda- 5.5

He is the leader of our defense without a doubt and when he is not on form the whole team suffers. Today may not have been his best day as he was unable to help on the second goal, but ultimately that was not his fault. Throughout the day he fought to keep the Inter defense alive, but in the end he cannot support the weight of everyone else's incompetencies.

Murillo - 4

This performance proves why Pioli does not start him regularly. Medel, who is regularly chosen ahead of Murillo, had a poor day, but is still a far better defender than Murillo is currently. Murillo has had some pretty rough spells this season and this game will join a long list of games where the Colombian has simply performed miserably.

Christian Ansaldi - 5

Like Murillo, Ansaldi was subbed off at halftime. Unlike Murillo though, Ansaldi was not subbed off for performance related issues. In his half on the pitch Ansaldi's flank remained clear, but he was not able to offer much going forward.

Gary Medel - 4.5

Foolishly gave away a penalty in the first half which lead to Crotone's first goal. Pioli pushed Medel back to defense in the second half which seemed to help out the Chilean who did much better in defense than in the middle of the park.

Geoffrey Kondogbia - 5.5

Like most of the team, Kondogbia did not play well in the first half. He lost the ball when in possession fairly often and was in general pretty careless with the ball. In the second half he played much better and even got an assist off a headed pass.

Antonio Candreva - 4.5

This game has become somewhat typical from the Italian winger. He pushed forward, fought on defense, and swung in crosses, but in every apsect of the game he was ineffective. Would like to see him produce better chances for his teammates because quality is often better than just quantity.

Ever Banega - 4.5

Banega simply did not get involved in the match. Crotone did an excellent job of shutting him down which meant he was simply unable to create anything for the team. Credit should be thrown his way for delivering the ball that Kondogbia headed to D'Ambrosio for Inter's sole goal.

Ivan Perisic - 4.5

Like the previous two players, Perisic was not able to create anything of substantial value in the final third. Against Crotone, Perisic was shut down and offered little value going forward in the match. Just could not shine when the team needed him to.

Mauro Icardi - 4

The man simply did not get into the game. He was isolated the whole game and did not force his way into the match. Icardi has to find a way to create something even when there are no chances if he is to become the striker that Inter need right now.


Eder - 5.5

Was subbed on at halftime to spark a lifeless Inter side back into the fight. After coming on, Eder made himself a nuisance to defend against and even hit the post, but he received little support from his teammates.

Palacio - 5

His appearances often raise more concerns than answers. Like, why is an aging striker who struggles to score, utilized before someone like Gabriel Barbosa. Palacio comes on and runs until the final whistle but does not offer anything offensively.

Joao Mario - 5

Came on too late to provide any real help to a side that was not up to the job today. For him to make a real difference, Joao Mario should have beeen substituted on earlier by Pioli.


Stefano Pioli - 5

The team lacks enthusiasm and creativity. For the past two games, the offense has failed to create real chances. The team looks flat and Pioli will have to find a solution for the ailing offense before Inter drop even more points. The team played really poorly and it was not a good game to watch as time after time the team failed to assert any form of dominance. The defense was awful in the first half as well. Defenders were scrambling everywhere trying to cope with the threat provided by the relegation threatened side. In fairness to Pioli, he did attempt to remedy the situation at half, but this did not spark any life into the squad as the team went out feebly. The only hope left is that we can win some of our remaining games to regain some confidence before the end of the season.