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Inter hit UEFA FFP requirement for 2016

The club followed the terms of their agreement for the previous year, giving them more leeway for this year.

FC Internazionale v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

As we all know Inter has spent a lot of money in the past few seasons trying to rebuild. Some of it was spent wisely, a considerably amount was not, but the result was the same: the Nerazzurri fell afoul with UEFA’s Financial Fair Play requirements and was sanctioned in 2015. This saw the club forced to restrict their Europa League squad as well as commit to financial targets in the upcoming years. Their target for 2016 was to limit the club’s losses to €30m or risk a fine of €7m and see the squad reduction continue. Today it has been announced that Inter met that goal for 2016.

While it does mean that Inter will have a full squad available for European competitions next season (assuming the club makes it into the Europa League), it doesn’t mean the club can spend with absolutely no restrictions this year. The final part of their agreement with FFP requires the club to break even in 2017. So Suning will have more opportunities to flex their financial muscles, but they cannot go all out. The owners must balance the books either through sales or sponsorship deals. With a number of deals in the works, expect Suning to have the flexibility to make some noise in the transfer market.

This is good news for the club, the faster they can get out from under the eye of FFP the faster they can have the freedom to make big deals in the transfer market. Plus I’m sure managers considering joining a club don’t look highly upon one that is restricted in the moves they can make. If things go well come 2018, we’ll finally be able to see what Suning can really do.