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Maybe the best is to say ‘good-bye’ to Perisic

It’s becoming evident he doesn’t want to be here.    

FC Torino v FC Internazionale - Serie A Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

I almost hate to do it, but I’m going to anyway.

Remember a post we had about Fiorentina owners finally having enough of their petulant fan base? Here’s a reminder.

What I will reference is the first part of the story where the team made a statement about Borja Valero which seemed more like a shot across the mercato bow and less like a plea for fan patience:

“As with all those signed, the club’s line at the beginning of this new cycle is that those who wear the Viola shirt must do it with full satisfaction, conviction and motivation.”

Fast-forward to Ivan Perisic.

The Croatian striker has had name in the mercato headlines for the better part of the last three weeks as he has been linked with a move to Manchester United.

It’s gone back and forth with United boss Jose Mourinho frustrated his game of using Financial Fair Play backfired as Inter Milan officials didn’t take a what can only be deemed as insulting offer for Perisic. Bids of £30 million, £35 million and close to £40 million have been batted around.

Inter’s asking price was somewhere north of £45 million, by the way. Thanks for the low-balling Jose.

The Nerazzurri planned to offer Perisic a new deal worth more than the €4 million per season he was making on his current contract, set to expire in 2020. Apparently, now, Perisic wants nothing to do with a new deal or Inter Milan. He has asked his agent to work a deal with Manchester United and forsake any offers from Inter.

To top all of that, Perisic recently played in a professional beach volleyball tournament for his native Croatia where they were promptly beaten.

But, winning or losing there isn’t really the point. The fact that he had the audacity to suit up in a professional match outside of football speaks to a lack of maturity.

There is no question that Perisic has had flashes of brilliance on the pitch. In 70 Serie A games, he has 18 goals and 16 assists. While in the Bundesliga with Wolfsburg and Borussia Dortmund, Perisic found the back of the net 27 times with 16 assists in 112 games.

But, now we seem to have a pretty big head on our shoulders and think we might be too good for Luciano Spalletti and the Nerazzurri.

Circle back to the beginning and the part I really hate here. If Perisic feels that strongly about his future and believes it lies with Mourinho and the Red Devils, so be it. Let him go. Take as close to £45 million as you can get and send him to the airport.

After all, if he’s not willing to wear the shirt “with full satisfaction, conviction and motivation” he shouldn’t wear the shirt at all.

By the way, the painful part of all this was suggesting the ownership of Fiorentina actually said something worth re-using.

If nothing else, I hear Valero wants to wear the black and blue.