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Inter needs to act in this transfer window

The club has made few signings and is being left behind by competitors.

ICC Singapore - FC Internazionale v Chelsea FC Photo by Stanley Chou/Getty Images for ICC

Inter Milan has a couple of choices to make in this transfer window. Either make a move on your targets, or risk behind left behind. The latter has already taken place. We’ve discussed the fact that AC Milan has already made a myriad of moves to fill in their gaps. In this transfer window, the two biggest transfers Inter have made is Milan Skriniar and recently Matias Vecino.

Good signings? Absolutely. Enough to get Internazionale to where they want to be? Absolutely not.

Inter is a club with money, and they’ve yet to fill the gaps that need some serious filling. It appears that as preseason winds down, Nagatomo will continue to be the first choice left-back, unless more depth at the position is added. As far as we know, Perisic is staying at the club for now in what has been an ongoing transfer saga, and no efforts for a potential replacement have been made.

Inter is wasting time in a market that is slowly getting ready to shut down. Big names have already made their moves, and the pickings are getting slim to bring in quality players to fill in the gaps that Inter desperately needs to fill.

AC Milan is looking set for a stellar season after bringing in nearly more first team players than Inter has this entire window. It’s embarrassing. If the club can’t compete in the transfer window, how can we expect them to compete on the pitch? This kind of stalling I’d expect from a club like Newcastle United, but from Inter, the lack of movement has been disheartening.

To not act will have serious consequences. Among the consequences could be missing out on European competition, which will be crucial for Inter to regain its rightful place among Europe’s elite clubs.

But wait a minute...wouldn’t a solid transfer window show that sign of intent? Good question. The answer is yes. But this transfer window hasn’t been solid. It’s been among the weakest I’ve seen.

Movement is necessary. Getting deals over the line is crucial. And Inter is failing on a lot of fronts here. Making two £20m+ signings isn’t going to win the league or get a Champions League spot. Even a couple of midrange £15m signings can generate value. Instead, the club is sitting, and for what we don’t know.