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Inter shows off new third kit

But, we have a few issues.

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Inter’s third kit by Nike.

So, Nike and Inter Milan have unveiled the team’s new third jersey — which it will reportedly don this weekend when the Nerazzurri take on Crotone.

Now, under different circumstances, we would likely laud over the new kit and talk about its awesomeness. Heck, we might even try to talk ourselves into dropping the $90 to get the new shirt once it becomes available.

Alas, this is not the case.

Yes, the new dark grey/blue color scheme is actually pretty cool as the jersey brings back the yellow sponsor name across the front coupled with the same color Nike swoosh logo on the shorts, shirt and socks.

But a closer examination reveals the “not-so-special” feeling we get here.

If you take a look at Nike’s third kit offering for AS Roma, Chelsea, FC Barcelona, Tottenhan, Paris-Saint Germain and Manchester City one thing becomes crystal clear … with the exception of the color, crest and logo, they are all the same.

For that matter, Atletico Madrid has the same look as well.

The similarities come in the fact they all have the same geometrical pattern on the shirts and shorts.

It’s almost as if Nike put the least amount of thought into creating kit designs it could. To make matters worse, the company has no issue with even referring to the kits as the same — Dazzle Camo Third Kits — on the company’s press website.

Another funny part of this … Nike has even attempted to bill the jerseys as being unique in some form or fashion. Here’s part of the press on the FC Barcelona kit when it was released Monday:

Want to make it worse? Here’s what Nike quoted Sergi Roberto as commenting about Barca’s kit:

Are you kidding? Inspired by my city and my culture?

So, does this mean Inter’s third kit was inspired by Barcelona and the culture of FCB?

Another look at Inter’s third kit by Nike.

The question is … why?

Capitalism … of course. The amount of money Nike and the clubs make on the sale of jerseys is darn near disgusting. In the United States, to get a new Inter Milan jersey, it will likely cost you about $90. Compare that to how much it actually costs the company to produce it and it makes it worse.

So, basically Nike gets to turn a tidy profit on jersey sales without having to change much of its assembly line production.

Of course, Nike isn’t the only company who have tried to pass off originality in jersey’s. Adidas did the same thing with some of its kits designed for countries.

And let’s not let Inter Milan team officials off the hook completely because Nike would not be able to create this kit and sell it without the club’s permission. Either team officials were not completely aware of the similarities, or it just didn’t care.

I know making a big deal about a shirt, let alone a third kit, seems a little nit-picky but this is about the identity of the team, not just the hard-earned money Interisti will spend on promote their love of the club.

It isn’t as if this were something new either. Sports teams and apparel companies have lost little sleep in removing identity for the almighty dollar, lira, euro, pound, etc.

Inter shirts have been noted for their individuality, but this seems to strip that away. Not so much because of the kit itself, but because I can see the same design on a number of other club’s kits. There is no individuality here and the club should have recognized that.

No question the third kit will sell. We are, if nothing else, a very loyal fan base, but it doesn’t excuse the bill of goods we are being sold here.

I really wanted to get a complete set of jersey’s this season, but I find nothing dazzling about the fact that there is nothing special about this third shirt.


What do you think about Inter’s new third kit

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