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Saga into Mauro Icardi and Inter Milan continue to unfold

Drama, drama, drama.

FC Internazionale v Udinese - Serie A
Mauro Icardi of FC Internazionale celebrates after scoring the opening goal via penalty during the Serie A match between FC Internazionale and Udinese at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on December 15, 2018 in Milan, Italy.
Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

As if yesterday’s news about a contract extension between Argentinian striker Mauro Icardi and Inter Milan couldn’t get any more dramatic.

Icardi, who is in the midst of negotiating a contract extension with the Nerazzurri, took to social media to defend his wife/agent Wanda Nara.

He was responding to reports in Gazzetta dello Sport that Inter actually asked him to replace Nara as his agent.

“Where do these phrases come from? How is it possible that La Gazzetta writes this rubbish?” Icardi said.

He added that plans are for Nara to remain his agent until the end of his career.

“Furthermore, I’d like to point out that I am very, very happy and satisfied with the work we’ve done so far,” Icardi wrote. “For this reason, it’ll always be Wanda Icardi who takes care of my and our interests until the end of my career.”

As we reported yesterday, Nara told an Argentinian network that the parties were still far apart on a deal and that Icardi has received interest from several other clubs. That set off a firestorm of talk that Icardi’s renewal with the club could be in jeopardy.

La Gazzetta reported that there will be a meeting between the club and Nara next week at the club’s headquarters to discuss the impasse.

The biggest issue surrounding the deal, according to La Gazzetta is the annual wage. Inter has offered €7 million, but Icardi is looking for more around the figure of €9 million. The club is also looking to remove the €110 million release clause on the contract.

In December, Nara went on Italian television and claimed that Inter had attempted to swap Icardi for Gonzalo Higuain with Juventus. Higuain eventually landed at Inter’s rival AC Milan. Nara went on to suggest that it was Icardi who insisted on staying at the Giuseppe Meazza last summer.

So, it appears next week could be a pivotal time as the two sides sit down to discuss what comes next for the striker.

For me, I just don’t see a huge upside in selling Icardi at this point — outside of not having to deal with his agent. The release clause would bring funds into Inter’s coffers, but at what price? I don’t see a suitable replacement for Icardi becoming available in the summer for what Inter would get for Icardi.

That said, in terms of wages, perhaps the two sides can meet in the middle at €8 million. It will still give Icardi a decent pay hike and allow the club to shift its attention on raising the pay of Milan Skriniar — who I feel is underpaid by comparison with even his defensive teammates.

Selling a player like Ivan Perisic seems to be a sounder decision.

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