Inter Milan General Discussion Thread

Good Morning Interisti!!

The last post received the maximum number of comments possible and was closed automatically. So, I'm starting a fresh discussion post. Here are some discussions I'd like to prompt

  • Lukaku transfer moves ahead with Inter reportedly offering 70+5 M for him with some reporting that Juventus have jumped into the Lukaku transfer stakes. It might be a stretch, but it could very well be the case that they are doing this in order to make Inter up their price for Lukaku, buy him and then Inter will be in a position where they have to sell Icardi and Juve can get him on the cheap. What are your thoughts on this transfer?
  • There are some reports(albeit less realistic) of contact being made with strikers like Cavani, Milik and Rebic, whom would you consider them if Lukaku doesn't work out and why?
  • Bastoni's still got some work to do before he can become an Inter regular but he's a promising young left-footed center back who gets to learn from Godin, Skriniar and De Vrij. Exciting times ahead for Inter as a club. How much are you expecting from Bastoni and the several other new players in this squad like Lazaro, Barella, Godin and Sensi? (Here's a radar graph on AB in this Serie A season)
  • Joao Miranda is on his way to Jiangsu Suning, along with Bale. Any thoughts? I for one would like to pay my respects to Joao because his efforts in 2017/18 were massive in getting us back into the Champions League
  • Apparently, players like Politano and Perisic are not in Conte's plans. If this is true, this sort of frustrates me because we can't just let every player walk just because the manager doesn't want them, we are already going the distance to get Lukaku, I'd personally be very frustrated if Perisic and especially, Politano don't get strong minutes this season. Thoughts?