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PSG and Inter nearing Icardi agreement

Paris Saint-Germain v Saint-Etienne ASSE - Ligue Cup Photo by Xavier Laine/Getty Images

PSG and Inter Milan are reportedly nearing a deal that would see Mauro Icardi be sold to the Ligue 1 side. The initial loan-to-buy option saw Icardi leave Inter for PSG for a season with an option to make the move permanent for €70 million.

The amount was too much for PSG so over the last couple weeks the two sides have been apparently working on lowering the cost. The amount they’re working for is around €55 million with add-ons.

However, add-ons appear to be the point holding up the deal. There are bonuses that appear to be the hold up. If we’re this far down the road, I’d expect something solid in the next couple weeks. Bonuses or no bonuses.