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Icardi’s PSG move could impact Werner’s price

RB Leipzig v Sport-Club Freiburg - Bundesliga Photo by Jan Woitas/Pool via Getty Images

Sky is reporting that Mauro Icardi’s recent move to PSG could impact Timo Werner’s price. RB Leipzig’s current release clause for Werner is €55m and runs out on June 15.

Before Icardi was sold, it was widely thought that Werner’s price was going to drop beneath the release clause price of €55m. The current economic climate has created uncertainty around how much players will cost, and we all knew the first big name player to be sold would set some sort of baseline.

Well, that player was Mauro Icardi. Given that he was sold to PSG for around €50m with bonuses, it likely means Werner’s price won’t drop all that much. Werner is younger than Icardi and thought to have a higher ceiling that present day Icardi. So if Liverpool, Chelsea, Inter, or anyone else want to have a shot at Werner this offseason; they’re going to need to bring the bank.