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Messi’s former agent hints towards Inter move

FC Barcelona v Inter: Group F - UEFA Champions League Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Josep Maria Minguella, the man who helped Lionel Messi secure his contract with Barcelona as a 12-year-old, commented on his former client’s current situation this week. Minguella, who as far as I can tell hasn’t been involved with Messi on a business level for years, has some interesting insight on the matter and thinks Messi is headed to Inter Milan.

“For me, Messi already has a team: Inter.

“In Italy they pay less tax, and in fact, there is Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s harder for me to see him in England, no matter how long his friend [Sergio] Aguero and [Pep] Guardiola are at City.”

Minguella | Source

However, it likely doesn’t mean all that much more than your or my opinion on the matter. Messi is probably going to City.

Nevertheless, the tax angle is interesting, but it just doesn’t seem realistic. Then again, Messi asking to leave Barcelona never seemed all that realistic and yet here we are.