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Report: Eriksen included in list of Inter players who could be sold

Inter Milan - FC Getafe Photo by Bernd Thissen/picture alliance via Getty Images

According to a report from Tuttosport (via Sempreinter), Christian Eriksen is included in a list of players that Inter are willing to sell. Each year there’s usually a piece that is lightly sourced from each club about players that are off limits and such.

Achraf Hakimi, Romelu Lukaku, Nicolo Barella, Alessandro Bastoni and Lautaro Martinez were the five players detailed to be not on the table. Leaving the rest of the squad on a Word doc that says “sell if you get offered the right price” (I jest).

Which to be fair, is how most clubs probably work. You could argue everyone on the squad has a right price if someone if foolish enough to make unheard of offers.

The report claims that a €50 million plus offer would be enough for Inter to be willing to sell Eriksen. If that’s the case, it’s safe to assume we’re going to see Eriksen in an Inter kit this year.

The report did have me thinking about the Eriksen move as a whole. Although he and Antonio Conte haven’t necessarily meshed all that well, I’m still hopefeul that he’s able to be successful at Inter. It may be my previous affection for his play in his time at Tottenham kicking in. But I still hold out hope he could be a difference maker.