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Inter’s New Logo Leaked (x2)

A trademark application was filed by Inter

Image via Footy Headlines

We’ve already seen one leak of Inter’s newest logo, but now a more official look at the Nerrazurri’s new identity has been released thanks to Footy Headlines. Inter filed a trademark application for the logo, and it didn’t take long for internet experts to find it. Here’s a close-up.

Image via Footy Headlines

The logo has the I and M lettering that was in the previous leak, as well as a more simplistic overall design. The color scheme is also different, namely the blue being several shades away from what’s currently on the home kit. The gold and black on the previous leak is likely for a specific jersey or merchandise of that color, while this is the main logo.

According to Footy Headlines, the logo will be officially unveiled in March, though that is subject to change.

What are your thoughts? What would you change? What’s your favorite part?

Let us know in the comments.


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