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SoM Staff Roundtable: New Logo Review

FC Internazionale Unveils New Club Logo Photo by Vincenzo Lombardo - Inter/Inter via Getty Images

Inter’s new logo has at last been released, and now that we’ve had time to punch as many walls as necessary to cope with this earth-shattering change, we put our thoughts on the new logo into words.

What is your reaction to the logo change? What’s the best part of the new badge? The worst?

Mario: I don't hate the new logo, but it doesn't excite me in the slightest bit. The brand has made significant strides in the past couple of years, especially with the special edition Nike 20th anniversary jersey and the cool-looking 3rd/training jerseys. These looks have turned heads. I expected a little more modern/simple but I don't think this is the look. In a perfect world, I would have loved to see a simple serpent logo. I wouldn't go out of my way to buy a jersey for this logo, let's leave it at that.

Michael: I quite like it. Inter have historically been experimental with badges in the past, and this is another attempt at doing so. I get that as humans, we are creatures of habit, and changes to things that we identify with or care about are not always met with open arms, but everyone who dislikes it needs to give it a chance. There may not be an emotional connection to it on day one because frankly, we have no memories to attach to it. However, once it has been on some flags in the stadium and on the shirts of players we all enjoy watching, I think some of those opinions will change. I really like the deeper, more vibrant blue. It stands out really well against the white negative space in and around it. I also really like how adaptable the entire crest is to different color schemes. It can be all blue, white, yellow, or black, as we have seen in some of the concepts provided by the club.

If I had to nitpick anything out of it, it would be the lack of yellow/gold outside of the star above the badge itself. This is not new though. The iconic biscione badge of the 1970s and 1980s also only included yellow for a star, and everyone points to that as being one of the most innovative crests in the club’s history. While it would be impossible to compare the two, I do think there is plenty of precedence for Inter making definitive changes to the club’s crest, and that this crest should be given just as much of a chance as all of the others in the club’s storied past.

Josh: I’m not gonna sit here and say it was horrible or that it’s the greatest logo in the world. I do really like how simple and efficient (can a logo be efficient?) the overall design is. The lack of gold caught me off guard, but I appreciate the aesthetic of the logo and the simple nature of the color parameters. The only thing I wish it encompassed was a bit of gold.

David: I don’t have strong feelings for or against it, it’s one of those logos that has about as many positives as negatives. I like its simplistic nature and how flexible it is in terms of changing the color scheme to fit a specific jersey. It only has three main sections and each is a separate color whereas the old one was much more intricate and not as merchandise-friendly. We’ve seen on some of the leaks for next season’s kits that the logo takes on several different identities based on the rest of the kit. On the other hand, it’s definitely missing some gold. I’m hoping gold might be included on some of the logo versions but the colors in the original seem a bit bland. Again, though, that’s something the flexible nature of it can easily rectify.

I do see it as a step in a positive direction and in terms of old-vs-new, it’s by no means anywhere near as bad as Juventus’ two Js. The new logo keeps much of the same identity and will be fairly recognizable once we get used to it. I know what would really make me love it, though, and that’s winning the league in it. The last logo saw a grand total of zero trophies and no matter how much we nitpick the logo or the kits, I feel fairly confident in saying most Interisti would agree it’s the trophies that make something a success or not.

InterPool: I consider it a downgrade, but not enough of one to get too worked up about. It’s a little weird how the sides of the “M” are angled inward, presumably to increase the space for an unnecessary ring to be completed around the top and bottom of the “I” so that it almost looks like “O” is being added as a third letter... but whatever, at the end of the day it’s just a logo, and this more minimalist design is only “mediocre” rather than actively “bad” in my opinion.

Luca: As mentioned above, I think a touch of yellow/gold would have been nice but I don’t really have any issues with it beyond that. It is a more modern look with bold features that will help it to stand out. I’m sure smarter people than myself have put a lot of effort into its design, so I’m sure there are some benefits that I don’t see.

What do you think? What makes this logo stand out? Is the change worth it? Speak your mind in the comments below.

Forza Inter!