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Torino vs Inter Milan: Tactical Takeaways


  • Inter’s attacking approach against Torino’s high press.
  • Why Inter looked defensively vulnerable in transition.
  • How Torino played around Inter’s defense.

Inter’s attacking approach against Torino’s high press.

From the get-go, Torino implemented a high press, matching Inter’s CBs 3v3 as such (A). Such tactics usually forces teams to build play from out wide, at which Torino implemented a staggered 3-3-1-3 defensive shape as follows. Here, Torino were able to man-mark Inter almost completely, making build up very difficult for the away team (B). How did Inter respond?

To solve this, Inter’s CDM dropped deep alongside their CBs as such (C). Here, a 4v3 situation unfolded, making Torino’s first line of press easier to beat. At this point, Inter’s LCB and CB became 2v1 against Torino’s winger as such. This allowed both players to become launching points of attacks, often sending long balls as a result (D).

At this point, long balls were often launched toward target-man, Dzeko. At which, Inter implemented an aggressive counter-press, winning 2nd balls as such (E). Upon winning the ball, 1 of 2 things happened: 1) Torino fouled Inter in advantageous areas, allowing for dangerous set pieces to occur, 2) Torino fell into a back 5, allowing Inter possession of the ball. When Inter was allowed possession, they often recycled play before sending diagonal crosses into box (F). Both, resulting in aerial chances for the away team.

Why Inter looked defensively vulnerable in transition.

In order to successfully implement the above tactic, two things needed to happen: 1) Inter’s CDM had to drop deep to create a back 4, 2) Inter’s CMs/WB had to advance forward to initiate a counter-press. These two movements put together created a massive gap in midfield as a result (G). A space that Torino took full advantage of when Inter were not able to win 2nd balls.

At this point, Torino were able to have free in-roads to Inter’s back line (H), leaving the away team very vulnerable in defense. Due to this, Torino were able to create quite the chances in transition.

How Torino played around Inter’s defense.

In defense, Inter set up using a 5-3-2 as such (I). Here, Inter had numerical advantage over Torino’s midfield, making central progression of play very difficult. In response, Torino progressed play using a wide overloads (J), at which Inter implemented a 4-4-2 man-marking approach (K), halting ball progression to their final 3rd.

In response, Torino used the quick switch of play to get into Inter’s final 3rd. Here, due to Inter’s narrow 1st and 2nd line of defense, Torino were able to switch play via both defense and midfield areas (L). Here, Torino was afforded massive space into Inter’s half, often launching lethal exchanges or long diagonals into the box.

All in all, this was a tactical battle which saw both teams create chances in a back and forth affair. Decisive chances that were not put away, resulting in both teams sharing points.

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