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The Future of Serpents of Madonnina

A note from the editors.

Fans of FC Internazionale in sector ‘Curva Nord’ show their... Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

If you keep up with media news you’ve probably heard about some of the layoffs and podcast cancellations that have taken place at Vox Media and SB Nation. Here at Serpents we haven’t been affected by the cutbacks, yet, but wanted to say how unfortunate it is that a few blogs and most podcasts have been cut.

There are plenty of talented and hardworking people who have had their lives changed by this and it’s unfortunate. You might be wondering what this means for us. The simple answer is we don’t know.

What we are sure of is that we won’t be going away anytime soon. Writing for this site has become part of our connections with Inter. We’ve enjoyed the highs of the past few seasons even more because of this community, and the lows haven’t felt quite so bad knowing we’re all in this together.

All that to as, whether our future is as a zombie site on this platform, or a stand-alone venture, Serpents of Madonnina will persist. Maybe that’s by a different site name, but we’ll be here one way or another. And we hope you will too.