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Have No Fear, Robert Is Here

"Hi fellow Offsiders, just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Alessandro, and hopefully I can be a good source for you to all things blue and black… I don’t have much time tonight, but I wanted to get this up and going. Also, thanks to Bob for setting this all up and bringing life back to the Nerazzuri Offside!"

Well that started of crappy right from the get go, didn't it? Alessandro? Isn't that the guy that must be color blind because he always seems to be wearing the wrong combination of colors, with the sideburns that are too long, and plays in some stupid place called Turin? Now, how can we expect someone to cover the Nerazzuri properly with a name like that.

Have no fear, Robert is here. That's right Nerazzuri fans, you can finally come out of hiding. No more taking shit from other bloggers, and not being able to retaliate. A new era has started, and I hope you enjoy the ride.