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Put Up Or Shut Up

Serie A, 31° Giornata
Who: Inter Milan vs. Lazio
When: 15:30 ET
Where: Stadio Olimpico

matrix3.jpg Just because I've missed three games, doesn't mean I don't know what's going on. Our last two games have been a draw to Genoa and a loss to Uventus, Moratti is on a heavy dosage of speed because he changes his mind about what to do with Manico every 4.3 seconds, the players hate Manico, then they take some speed with Moratti and are ready to fight for him, and Roma are breathing down our necks like the fat kid in class sitting behind you who just had to walk up a flight of stairs after beating up the skinny loser kid for a Pop Tart.

Problems? What problems?

Lazio has had a rough year so far, especially if you compare it to their 3rd place finish last year. Their 1-0 losses to Empoli and Cagliari back on the 10th and 24th of February basically sum up their season. But, their play has been picking up of late. Starting from the 1st of March, they played Milan, Livorno, Udinese, Roma, and Fiorentina. That's a pretty tough 5 game stretch. D-W-D-W-L. That's what they did, which is very respectable. Bianchi and Mudingayi will be returning to the staring XI, and are always dangerous. Lazio's possible trequista, and leading goal scorer, Pandev scares me the most. This team has a very formidable attack, and should not be taken lightly. My biggest complaint of late (besides Manico) has been the D. Pandev, Rocchi, and Bianchi should give them a nice test.

Speaking of the D, The Matrix had a semi-surprise start for the Azzurri. He played decent, but didn't dazzle. I expect him to be paired with Burdisso in the middle, and the aforementioned trio for Lazio attackers should prove to be a good test. We have the usual duo of Maicon and Max on the wings. We need them to get forward as much as possible tomorrow, as we need them to do every game for that matter.

I don't watch the Biancocelesti that much. Actually, not at all. But according to their goal differential, which is -2 by the way, their D is not half bad. Ibra is a doubt, I don't care what reports said during the week. If he's hurt, he's hurt. There's no getting around that. If I were you, I would bet on a striker partnership of ex-Lazio man Crespo and Suazo before I bet that Ibra will get the nod. According to Il Capitano, Crespo is our savior. Considering whatever Il Capitano says or does is golden, I'm okay with Crespo starting. As for Suazo, not so much. We really don't have another option, with TSB suspended. Unless, Fatty teleports back from Brazil, which I doubt.

Overall, this will be a 4 out of 5 on the Holy Shit I Think I Just Shit Myself meter. Tough game or not, it's a must win. Simple.

Positional Standings

Inter are in 1st place with 68 points, 4 points clear of 2nd place Roma.

Lazio are in 10th place with 37 points, 1 point behind 9th place Atalanta.


Inter: No Cruz (suspension), Cordoba and Samuel. Ibra is still a question mark, so he's still a possibility. Also, Vieira and Cambiasso are with the squad, but I still think they're a little banged up. I don't expect to see them start.

Lazio: Just Massimo Mutarelli.


Inter: (4-3-1-2, Here's the squad.)
Maicon, Burdisso, Matrix, Max;
Stankovic, Il Capitano, Chivu;
Suazo, Crespo

I may be wrong. As usual. Vieira, Cambiasso, and Ibra may all be in the starting lineup. I wouldn't be surprised if I was wrong.

Lazio: (4-3-1-2)
De Silvestri, Siviglia, Cribari, Kolarov;
Dabo, Ledesma, Mudingayi;
Rocchi, Bianchi

Watch These Dudes

Matrix- He hasn't been the "true" Matrix for most of the year. Yet, despite that, he still found himself in the starting XI against Sapin. Maybe this will be a confidence booster for him, and he'll finally return to his WC glory. Lazio has a dangerous attack, so if he's been waiting to have a good game, this would be the right one to pick. Plus, the remaining games are all must wins. So, yeah, it's kind of important.

Goran Pandev- He used to play for Inter, but not like he's been playing for Lazio. Pandev has been the one bright spot in Lazio's dark season, scoring 12 goals (I think?). According to My XI, he'll be sitting behind Rocchi and Bianchi, where he's the most dangerous. Despite being a good scorer, the Macedonian is also a terrific passer. Expect to see him trying to send a few long balls for the two up front to chase. Especially with the aging Matrix racing against them.

Hernan Crespo- Il Capitano made the prophecy that this is the man who will save us. 'Nough said.

Key Matchups

Their 3 vs. Our 4- Lazio has a deadly attacking trio. Our defense has recently looked like they belong in the 2nd division in Lithuania. Mix these two factors together, and it doesn't equal something pretty. But, and that's a hugeee but, if the D shows up tomorrow, it will restore my faith fully in this team. Coupled with a win, of course. On a side note, Burdisso still scares me. I know he has the talent, but he's wayy too aggressive. I think he's even past the Matrix. He just has to be more selective in his tackles, and much safer when playing with a yellow.

Il Capitano vs. The Second Coming Of Christ- Ya'll heard it here first. (Probably not. But whose stopping me from saying it?) Il Capitano said that Crespo will be our savior. So, I'm saying, if he calls this one right, I will create a church. With him as my god. I expect everyone out there to join.

Manico vs. Time- One day he's gone, the next day he's not. One day the team hates him, the next they love him. It has been a see-saw type of story with this guy. But, I believe, his departure is inevitable. The most recent loss to Uventus pissed off Moratti, and I'm not even going to suggest what will happen to Manico if we don't have more goals than Lazio tomorrow. All I can say is, good luck. And enjoy being Moratti's bitch. Not that he isn’t already.


I sound like a record player, broken by your grandmother as you were listening to Abba's Dancing Queen over and over again as she was trying to watch the final episode of The Golden Girls, but I don't care. Every game from here on out is a MUST WIN. Shit. I'm going to get a tattoo of that on my ass for you guys. If Inter wanted to make Serie A interesting again, they're doing a good job of it. Cause, 4 points isn't all that much.

That's all I have to say. Goodbye.

Inter win, 1-0.

Goals: Crespo ('57)
MOTM: Il Capitano (Always a safe bet)

T.V.: FSC and Rai International
Streaming: I couldn't find it. Could a brotha get some help?