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Clinging to Hope: It is Not Over Yet

sad manI am sorry that this took so long to get up. The first draft was really bitter, the second maudlin and bit corny. Hopefully I will end up with a readable balance this time.

There is no possible way to sugar coat it, so why bother. We didn't win on Sunday. Again. Basically, we can either throw up our hands and give up or fight fight FIGHT until the bitter end. If you chose the first option, I think Inter is not the team for you. Try Milan or Roma. If, like me, you chose the latter option, welcome to our little slice of the Curva Nord. There will be heartbreak but there will also be glory. Geesh, now I've gotten all teary-eyed.

For all the Inter fans out there, although we have these little, ehem... setbacks, remember: we have always been ahead and will remain so. I am keeping a positive attitude and fully believe we will win on Sunday.

The only really disheartening thing is that it seams like even if we manage to win we loose. Apparently the changes in the Parma coaching staff and fact that Catanian officials don't want Roma's stabby stabby fans down there is all a vast Moratti-fueled plot.


Shall we pick at the scab?

Recap: Inter 2 -2 Siena

Basically, Inter had all the possession (62.3%), all the corners (14 to their 0) and and no excuse for the draw. Kharja and Maccarone scored for Siena and Vieira and Balotelli for us. Marco was awarded a PK, but failed to get past Manninger. Seina were very very fouly and accumulated 5 yellow cards to our one.

(As an aside, I love Marco Materazzi. I have said it before and I will say it FOREVER. I just dont care if he is not in the same form he was last year. I just dont care.)

Moving on.

If you are interested (and I always am), here is le pagelle from the Corriere dello Sport for the game:

INTER (4-4-2): Julio Cesar 6; Maicon 6 Burdisso 5 Materazzi 4 Maxwell 5 (36' st Crespo sv); Jimenez 6 Vieira 7 Cambiasso 5,5 (40' st Pelè sv) J. Zanetti 6; Cruz 6 Balotelli 7,5 ( 18' st Suazo 5). Mancini 6.

SIENA (4-3-2-1): Manninger 8; Ficagna 6,5 Portanova 6 Loria 6 A. Rossi 6; Vergassola 6 Codrea 6 (1' st Alberto 6) Galloppa 6,5 ( 20' st Riganò 6); Kharja 7,5 Locatelli 6,5 (1' st Coppola 6); Maccarone 7. Beretta 7
ARBITRO: Gava di Conegliano 4,5

As you can see, Siena got better scores across the board, probably because they were able to equalize. Inter was the heavy favorite.

For both Catania and Parma, Sunday is their last chance to avoid relegation. If Parma wins and Catania looses, Parma stays up and Catania goes down. Needless to say, both teams will be fighting tooth-and-nail. I will do a preview of the game later.

Inter have announced a "press silence;" even so, here is the news.

Ibra says he is committed to Inter no matter what anyone else says. Also, he may just pick up a few minutes this Sunday.

Figo wants another year, but with Jose.

Barca wants Chivu

Cambiasso is out for the rest of the season (ie, Parma and Coppa finals) with an ankle injury

Cruz and Materazzi
will miss the Coppa Italia final. Cruz will also miss two more games.

Subscribers to the Inter Channel have voted Zanetti's goal against Roma as the best goal of the season.

And the Inter campus had a visit from an old friend, Obafemi Martins - do you suppose he is looking for a job?.

So, to sum up:
- we are not dead yet so lets not act like we are
- some people have very active imaginations
- Parma will not roll over for us, just as Catania will not for Roma

Non abbandoniamo la speranza, Ragazzi.