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Parma-Inter: This One is for All the Marbles


Tomorrow decides the fate of Serie A: who will go down, who will win, and who will go to Europe next season. In all, 6 teams hang in the balance. It will be brutal - tooth and nail time.

As many have pointed out here on this board, the last time the 38th day was this important was in 2002 when it went poorly for the Nerrazzuri. And as much as everyone likes to bring this up - it is in the past and we have moved on.

Looking forward:

Mancini has called up everyone from the first team who is not injured:

Goalkeepers: Toldo, Julio Cesar, Orlandoni.

Defenders: Zanetti, Maxwell, Maicon, Burdisso, Materazzi, Rivas.

Midfielders: Stankovic, Jimenez, Vieira, Solari, Maniche, Pelé, Cesar.

Strikers: Ibrahimovic, Cruz, Crespo, Suazo, Balotelli.

La Gazzetta thinks it will go:

Julio Cesar
Maxwell / Materazzi / Burdisso / Maicon
Stanovic / Viera / Zanetti
Cesar / Balotelli

and they are probably right.

In our past 8 meetings with Parma, we have drawn 3 times, won 4 times, and lost once (March 2006).

Parma is a once-great team that has been having some difficulties lately. They are currently in the relation zone with 34 points. They have just fired their coach (our old friend Cuper) and appointed their youth team coach. This may be the boost the team have been looking for or it may throw them into hopeless disarray.

Parma have only won 7 games (drawn 13) this season. Unfortunately for us, all 7 of those wins have been at home.

As much as this is an important game for Inter, this is due-or-die for Parma. We are playing for a trophy - they are playing for their lives. I hate for Inter to be the team that seals Parma's fate, but it has to happen. That is, unless Catania beat Roma, then we could say it was the Sicilians' fault. Catainia is without Spinesi tomorrow, and as much as our good friend Zenga says he would like to do us a favor, I am not expecting any. We must assume that Roma will win tomorrow.

On our side, Chivu has not passed a fitness test and, as we all know, Cambiasso is out. Zlatan has been called up, but I don't know how much actual time he will see.

I think the game will come down to 3 players: Maicon, Vieira, and as much as I hate to say it, Materazzi. If Materazzi can keep his wits about him at the rear, Maicon can make those lovely pushes up the side, and Vieira can do some damage in the midfield.

Earlier in the season Cambiasso was our go-to midfielder, but for some reason, he just has not been there for these last few games. Vieira, on the other hand, has been on fire. Also, I never really noticed what a tall guy he is. So tall, his shorts hardly fit (Yikes).


The closure of the visitor's section at the Tardini is causing all sorts of problems with the Ultras. Basically, because the visitor's section is closed, Inter fans are trying to get tickets in the main part of the stadium. Parma fans are unhappy because they think visitors should stick to the visitor's section. In response, some Inter fans are saying they will not use their tickets and instead stay outside with the rest of the fans. Hopefully there will be no problems tomorrow.

On a side note, Buon Compliano Massimo Moratti ! He turned 63 on May 16th.

To sum up:

Can we take them? Yes!
Will we take them? I really hope so. I have been trying to stay optimistic, but I must also be realistic.

What happens if we loose?
Well, first of all, the Roma fans will in insufferable. Second, Mancini will go for sure. Also, we may see more movement from players that we otherwise would have.

In the end, no matter what happens tomorrow, the sun will rise on Monday - the world will continue - and there will always be next season.

Still - WE WILL CRUSH PARMA! We will crush them and they will go down (so sorry) and Roma will be the ones left crying. I am sure of it.

Ragazzi, dobbiamo avere fede - dobbiamo essere forti - domani lo scudetto!