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Allora Ragazzi, It is DERBY TIME!

derby photoFirst, let me say hello to everyone out there. Robert is MIA so I am going to write until he comes back. When that happens, hopefully we can share.

Second, I know this is very, VERY late, but I had a busy day and just now checked my email to find that I was okayed for the list.

So let’s get down to it.

We have, in our black-and-blue hands, the opportunity of a lifetime: we can kill 4 birds with one stone (as it were).
1) Clinch the Scudetto
2) Humiliate Milan
3) Keep Milan from the Champions League
4) Stick it to Rome once and for all

The game will be a difficult one for us. There is no getting around it. Pipo has been smokin’ hot and Pirlo is back in form. Still, we have the toughest defense in the league -- check the chart, only 22 goals this year – and our forwards are looking pretty good too.

The call-up will be much the same as last week, with Marco starting instead of Burdisso (betcha).

I would go into a whole run-down of the squad, but by the time anyone reads this, the game will have started and everyone will know. Next time.

Who to watch:
As always, there is our unsung hero between the posts a Julio Cesar Soares Espindola.
He is hot hot HOT! And as you can see, he can fly!

Julio flys

Marco Materazzi -- mostly because I just plain love him. Also, his form has improved greatly in the last month and he always gives his all on derby days. I suspect there will be some fireworks between Pipo and Marco before the game is done.
And of course, the golden boy Mario Balotelli. I also think Crespo will have a little of the old magic for us - but that is also because I love him.

Marco and Mario

Sorry it is so short and sorry for any errors with layout - this is my first time and all.

So for now, Forza Raggazzi! FORZA INTER!