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Maradona Goes to Milan to Fondle Inter Squad

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Or at least that is what it looks like in the pictures.

A little hug with Walter Samuel. Does this mean he will get that elusive call-up? And just what is going on under that towel?
Samuel - dont drop that towel

Some Nico-lovin'. "This one is all mine," says Maradona.
Maradona and Burdisso sittin\' in a tree
"No no," Maradona says, "I cannot hug this one, he is not Argentinian."
Get off our swede!
The only one not having fun was Crespo. I guess Maradona was not as happy as Mou was with his Coppa performance.
No National team for you!

Maradona even had kind words for Moratti, saying:

"First of all I thank Massimo Moratti, who is without doubt my president in Italy. He's an exquisite man and he has made Inter great."

Then, when asked if he would have played at Inter under Moratti, he said:

"Yes, without doubt. With all the respect I have for the Napoli fans, who will always be in my heart, I believe that with Moratti as president I would have been an Inter player."

But it is not all about Argentinians...

TRANSFER RUMORS c'mon, you know you love them - the sillier the better!

Tottenham wants Adriano, fat or otherwise, and are willing to pay 15 million Euros for him. If that doesn't work, they will throw in some dude named Jermaine Jenas (anyone?) as part of the package. Adriano's agent says the whole thing is nonsense and Adri is going nowhere.

In other transfer related news, Mourinho is now said to be after Arshavin, much to Arsenal's dismay. Of course, Mou may just be saying that to annoy Wenger. This whole rumor extra smells like goofiness to me.

And Espanyol are rumored to be in talks over a loan deal for Balotelli. Of course, Moratti just said he was staying, so who knows.


Defender Ivan Fatic has joined Salernitana from Vicenza, where he was on loan. Fatic came through the Inter academy and played a couple games with the first squad last season (both times we played Reggina in the Coppa). He is now co-owned by Inter and Chievo Verona.

Inter goes to... CANADA?

For all you Inter fans in the Great White North, apparently there are plans afoot to bring Inter to Edmonton to play a team from South America. The game will be the centerpiece of the 100th anniversary of the Alberta Soccer Association (or ASA). Fred Kern, ASA president said:

"It's extremely exciting to do something of this nature. It's not 100-per-cent sure but we expect a final signature in the next couple of days."

The Edmonton people want this to replace the Franz Beckenbauer Cup/Pirelli Trophy game, which is played in August in Milan. The article also says that "Inter is already committed to come to North America to play in three cities in July." So, look for them in a city near you!


Hugs even for Mourinho.
Hugs all Around