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Balotelli or Maicon, Which (if any) Do YOU Choose?

Balotelli or Maicon, Who Stays, Who Goes
So given the market hype this summer, it seems possible (probable?) that at the very least, either Maicon or Mario Balotelli will be leaving us this summer. The question is, if one has to go, which should it be? I have been going around and around with myself all week and I still don't know. Mario clearly has issues but there is no denying he is hugely talented. Plus, he is young and will only get better. Maicon is older, but he is a workhorse and always there for the club. At times, he is arguably the best right back in the world and, right now, he has a unique skill set. I suppose there is always the outside chance that we get to keep both.

In any case, here is your chance to make your opinion known.

Mario or Maicon? Who Stays, Who Goesonline survey

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