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Inter Milan v Manchester City: Inter's first pre-season friendly

Inter ManCity

So here we are, Inter's first "game" of the season. Right off the bat, I will say that I expect Inter to lose this game - hopefully not too painfully though. Here, we have five first team players who have only just had their first training today, a whole group of Primavera players, and a spanky brand new coach. To me, that spells disaster. Especially given that Manchester City already have a few games under their belt this summer. Oh, and what do you bet Mancio will be out for blood against the team that fired him (it seems to conveniently slip his mind that he quit first). Anyway, ya. I am predicting a loss... Hopefully we score a goal, though.

What: Inter v Manchester City, Pirelli Cup
Where: M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore
When: Saturday, July 31, 8pm local time (5pm pacific; midnight GMT)
How to Watch: Er... Streaming? ESPN Deportes (ESPN's Spanish language channel) but that is all I can find. If anyone finds a stream on game day, please post it to the comments.

Ok, so here is where I make my big apology.

You see, I will be out of town this weekend. We are going to a little cabin on the beach in the Olympic National Forest (think big big trees, unspoiled rugged coast line, secluded). There is no internet, no phones, no tv... So ya, I will not be watching this game. Also, it is my birthday (dont ask how old, I may cry) so I dont have a whole lot time to devote to this preview (the cosmos aren't helping, either). Pretty much, you are all on your own.

Sorry to leave you all like this. I will be back Monday... And hey, maybe MAD will read this and take pity on you all and put something up. Those of you who will be attending the game, as always, anything you want to share - pictures, accounts, whatever - I will post up.

You can always email me at: johonnars [at] gmail [dot] com

Everyone, have a happy weekend and try not to be too upset if they thump us.


And it is official, he said he would take the #1 jersey next season.
JC shhhh