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Great Big Fabulous Contest - With PRIZES!

Pazza Inter Banner

Now that we have had a little time with what may be the new team, I thought we could have a little contest. Yay! What fun! Even better, I have prizes. Ok, I admit, maybe they are not fabulous, but they are most definitely prizes.

The contest is pretty simple - just guess how many points Inter will accumulate in the upcoming season. Since there may well be more than one person guessing the same number, as a tie-breaker, also guess the number of goals scored and the number conceded. Whoever has the right number of points and is closest to the goal counts will win. If no one has the correct number of points, the person with the closest guess wins.
How fun is that? (answer: super fun!).

Of course, there are a couple caveats:
1) you have to wait until next May to see if you won and, if so, collect your prize
2) you have to be somewhere the mail goes so I can get you your prize.
3) since I am mailing the prize, you have to be willing to send me your contact info (but only if you win).

If you are willing to do all three, then by all means, enter the contest.

To enter, email me at your guess for:
Total number of Points
Total number of goals scored
Total number of goals conceded

All are for league play only.

And dont forget to include your board nickname.

The contest will be open for entries until Sunday, August 29th - that is, the day before Inter's opening game.

And now to the good part: if you win, you will receive not one but two fabulous prizes!
First, there is an Official Inter Milan Club Allegiance Gymsack by Nike (ooooooo, aaaaaaaahhhhh)
Contest Prize 2

Then, this wonderful little key chain flashlight/bottle opener. Let Inter light your way (and open your beer bottles).
Contest Prize1

Plus you will win the bestest most wonderful prize of all: Bragging rights. Yep, all summer long you can lord it over everyone just how in the Inter know you really are. We will all have to bow before your superior knowledge and powers of prognostication. How cool is that? (Answer: super cool!).

Of course, this contest is open to anyone who wants to enter.

So get cracking! There are only 17 days until the contest closes!