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Super Dooper Coppa Fun!

Super coppa 2010

Yipee! And thank you Mr. Second (third?) String Roma Keeper - whoever you may be. And thank you Samu Eto'o. I am officially eating my words. And they taste FAN FREAKING TASTIC!

Eto'o, You rock!
Mr. Johny on the Spot! Two down, 38 to go!

A little love for Pandev
But how about a little love for Pandev, as well.

Rafa's first trophy
So maybe oatmeal isn't so bad? Maybe with a little fresh fruit?

Super cup of FUN!
See now, isn't this fun! Now lets go get that UEFA Super Cup!


Oh, and in case you were worried, he says he is fine, just a precaution.
Zanetti with his first trophy of the 2010/11 season