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New Away Kit

It is finally here!

2011 away kit big

They are pretty spiffy if a little waiter-like. Also, Nike's art director needs a good talking too - it is so glarey that everyone is pulling funny faces:

funny faces
Check out Chivu, Deki and poor Luc. All that white, all that sun... bad idea.

And then there was the obvious direction they were given: "Everyone stand feet apart, hands behind your back, game faces on."

Pazzini and Pandev do not take direction well. One looks like he cant be bothered and the other, with his hands on his hips, looks like he is ready to leap buildings in a single bound:

boy wonder

And there is Luc again. Yikes.

Here is the explanation:

Inter and Nike chose to present the new away shirt for the 2011/12 season to the world from China. A view from above for a historic uniform: made with innovative recycled polyester, it is inspired by the one worn by the players for their achievements in the legendary 1964/65 season, in which they one the Scudetto, their first European Cup and their first Intercontinental Cup. The body of the shirt is white and features a black and blue diagonal stripe on both sides. The diagonal stripe appeared on an Inter uniform for the first time in the '50s, and for supporters it brings to mind the extraordinary successes of the '60s.

Therefore, the new away shirt combines the interpretation of the club with a classic men's clothing line that is especially elegant. This uniform even recalls the type of high tailoring of the design one finds in the first shirt: a collar in black fabric with the lower part in blue and a two-button closure, drop stitching on the shoulder and a deep cuff on the sleeve. On the back of the shirt below the collar is the word "Inter", while inside the collar there is a red cross on a white background, representing the flag of the city of Milan. The shorts that go with the second shirt are white with a blue stripe on the sides, while the socks are completely white with the word "Inter" written on the back of each calf.

All and all, I think I like it. Classic, yes. Beauty queen, yes. (the sash) Black and blue, yes. After last season's attempt at something new and different (which I simply loved), this look back is a nice change.

Oh, and our boy Coutinho got a brace against Panama today! (Highlights here)


Fun in China!