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Rumor: Dejan Stankovic Rescinds Contract With Internazionale

Valerio Pennicino

Rumor coming out of the pundits hot’n heavy is that long time Inter player and locker room leader Dejan Stankovic will be rescinding the final year of his contract in order to find regular football elsewhere. The rumor includes a reason – Walter Mazzarri has somehow communicated to Deki – either through intermediaries or in person – that the former Lazio player won’t find any playing time with him at all.

Deki had lowered his salary hit from over €3 million pretax to under €3 million after tax last summer in an effort to stay with the team and not be forced out like Cesar, Lucio and ultimately Sneijder who refused to cut their base salaries. Deki was out for almost an entire year with several severe injuries and he played a total of 3 appearances in a year. At the age of 35 next September, that kind of history can be seriously debilitating for any athlete’s wish to remain at a top club in one of the biggest leagues in Europe.

The rumor of Deki rescinding his contract comes with a rider that Chivu also does not fit into Mazzarri’s plans. Unlike Stramaccioni who valued the passing skill that Chivu brought to the defense, rumor has it that Mazzarri sees Chivu as more superfluous. Like Deki, Chivu has one year left on a contract that signaled a decrease in salary.

I will stay on this story and as I learn more I will update.