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First Inter Sells Then Inter Buys… But, Sell Who?


The Mantra of the Inter transfer team has been that the team is too big for Mazzarri. In fact the basis of most of the rumors that I see on the Internet has to do with Mazzarri’s quote from his presentation (if you would like to read it, you can find it here) that - and I am paraphrasing here - he wants to deal with a starting team, their immediate backups plus a few young people who look like they can start. Although I don’t recall Mazzarri giving a hard number of x and no more, I will pick the arbitrary number of 25.

Goalkeeper on it’s roster page has listed 5 goalkeepers as being part of the official first team. Coming off loan for this summer is Bardi, so I will add him to the mix. So right now we look like this:

(6) Handanovic, Castellazzi, Belec, Carrizo, Di Gennarro and Bardi.

It’s my opinion that Bardi will go out on loan to a team as close to Serie A quality as possible. I think that Di Gennarro is either loaned out to anyone who wants him or he’s sold outright. Of Carrizo and Castellazzi I have no idea what’s going to happen here but I can’t imagine that more than one of these guys stays. So at most I am thinking:

(3) Handanovic, Carrizo and Belec.


Since Inter will be focusing on a 3 man defense, this group will only focus on the central defensive players. I will speculate wildly on the wide players in their own section. We must also keep in mind that Campagnaro and Andreolli are supposedly going to join the team. and heavy rumor declares the defenders thusly:

(8) Silvestre, Ranocchia, Juan, Samuel, Chivu, Mbaye, Campagnaro and Andreolli.

I seriously doubt that Silvestre sees a Black and Blue shirt next season. There also seems to be some chance that Cambiasso could be a defender next season. Also is this the season that Caldirola comes back? Additionally, I think that there is some serious doubt that Chivu comes back – or if he does this is it for him. Mbaye will probably be sent out for a loan spell as I don’t think that anyone at the team thinks that he’s ready. But, will this be enough players here? This is a tough one:

(6) Ranocchia, Juan, Samuel, Chivu, Campagnaro and Andreolli.


For argument purposed, I am assuming a central midfield of 3 players in a 352 since this represents a worst case scenario, so to speak, numbers wise.

(10) Kovacic, Guarin, Alvarez, Mudingayi, Kuzmanovic, Cambiasso, Obi, Gargano, Benassi, Stankovic and Duncan

My opinion is that Kovacic and Guarin are going nowhere unless two criteria are met: An offer comes in that is eye popping AND a verbal agreement can be made with a suitable replacement or two. That second part is important if there is to be any improvement over next season. Someone will have to make a determination whether or not Kuzmanovic can meet the physical requirements that Mazzarri requires. Mudingayi will make it to the retreat, I have no doubt. Cambiasso will make it to the retreat as well. I think Stankovic is already gone. I think that Inter will honor the Gargano agreement – but I won’t be sad to see them renege. I can’t see any way that Obi doesn't have all the requirements that Mazzarri wants. Alvarez is not a great fit for this team still/anymore, in my opinion. I am suggesting that Duncan and Benassi will be loaned out. If Gargano isn't bought from Napoli I see the team going outside the team to replace the roster slot.

(7) Kovacic, Guarin, Mudingayi, Kuzmanovic, Cambiasso, Obi and Gargano


There are 5 players that I would consider as wingers that are already on the team. Generally speaking I would consider these players to be the ones that are closest to the chopping block.

(5) Pereira, Jonathan, Zanetti, Nagatomo and Schelotto.

Zanetti is probably going to be out until November I am conservatively guessing. There is a chance that he never comes back at all, but I will positively suggest that he comes back at that point. I have a feeling that one of Jonathan or Schelotto will be asked to leave.

(4) Pereira, Jonathan, Zanetti and Nagatomo


There are only 4 attackers named on the official website but I am going to add on Icardi who has already had a physical with the team. I am also going to add Longo who is coming back from loan/injury and Garritano who put on a few appearances to good review.

(6) Cassano, Palacio, Milito, Garritano, Rocchi, Longo and Icardi.

I don’t see any way that Rochhi comes back. I think that the team wants Garritano to go out on loan, but the demons of last season’s problems will haunt them. Considering the investment in Icardi – around €12 million or so – I don’t see anyway he doesn’t play a major role. The real wild card, as ever, is going to be Cassano. I believe, as I have already opined a month ago before I thought that Strama was gone, that Cassano will come back. Hey, I can be completely wrong here – or on this whole thing – but I think that he’s back. I think that Garritano goes right out on loan.

(5) Cassano, Palacio, Milito, Longo and Icardi.

That’s the roster I am wildly speculating about with absolutely no purchases. This assumption is +3 goalkeepers +6 defenders +7 midfielders +4 wingers +5 forwards = 25 players. Again, I have no idea if this is even close to what will happen, but I think it’s a semi-reasonable place to start to a discussion on the roster, if one needs to have one. What I would like to do at some point, is to compare the sales that I came up with to the sales that you, the readers, chose in the Class Participation Polls.