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False Transfer Reported: Danilo to Inter

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There was an inexplicable blurb out there on the internets that Inter had completed a transfer for Danilo, the controversial 29 year old defender from Udinese. The "news" was reported but when other media outlets checked it for any type of confirmation there was none. I believe the agent for the player had to come out and deny everything as well. The blurb has been rescinded and a negation of the previous headline has been put in it's place.

When I first read the “news” I was so skeptical I had begun to write reasons why I think this whole thing was complete bs. Since it was mostly done, I'll just put it up here anyway.

First of all, even I noticed that this has been an absurdly slow news day – until this moment I couldn’t in good conscience put anything up as an article, I was that bored with the news. I wouldn’t put it past La Gazzetta to “leak” this news so that people flock to check out their website tomorrow or buy their paper.

Having said all that, another reason to be skeptical is that Udinese are notoriously tight negotiators with their players. It’s a little odd that a deal like this would go down this fast. Also, generally speaking it’s easier to see the money trail. For example, with the Belfodil deal there was a sale of Donati at the same time, it doesn’t take a genius to see that the money from one deal fuels the other. Last season the release of several players’ hefty contracts freed room for several purchases. At this time, there is no evidence of any money being freed.

So why am I putting this up here? Does this make me as bad as La Gazzetta? I don’t know. I checked around and there are notices of interest that stem from as back as a week or so ago. These aren’t, you know, fabulously reliable news sources but there is what appears to be a grain of truth somewhere. Maybe somewhere some janitor swears that he heard a guy say that he heard someone say that Inter are going to inquire about Danilo and it mushroomed from there.

Either way, this “news” was out there in the ether and I felt the need to comment.