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The Inter Poll: Veni, Vidi... Vidic?

Make sure to vote in this edition of the SB Nation Inter Poll, where we ask our community to vote on how they view the much rumored move of Nemanja Vidic to Inter.

Laurence Griffiths

Before we move onto the topic of this week's "Inter Poll" we would like to report out last week's poll question asking where you would like to see Hernanes play.

Winning the majority of votes at 41% was option "B," which was Hernanes playing centrally while doing a little bit of everything... including saving our season. In a highly amusing turn of events, the runner up with 28% of the vote was option "D" and not having Kuzmanovic playing in the Nerazzurri midfield. (You lot are a funny bunch!)

In this week's poll, we take a look at the potential (pending?) signing of Manchester United 's veteran defender, Nemanja Vidic. If you were to believe certain reports floating about, the Serbian defender has already packed his bags as he has given the Red Devils his metaphorical two week notice. His targeted destination? Why, Inter, of course. He has supposedly agreed to a 2 year, 3 million Euro/year contract beginning next season.

This brings us to this week's question: