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Rangers to let Inter train at Murray Park in preparation against Celtic

I guess the enemy of my enemy really is my friend...

Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

After the impressive win against Atalanta, Mancini and his team have turned their attention to the Europa League first leg match away against Celtic on Thursday. Usually Mancini likes to have his players go through a light training session and focus on set-pieces the morning of a match, so when he needed to find a place for this to happen, up stepped Celtic's traditional rivals, Rangers offering to let Inter use their training ground, Murray Park to prep for the game.

(A little history lesson: Celtic and Rangers are the two most historic clubs in Scotland, winning  99 Scottish League championships, 68 Scottish Cups and 41 Scottish League Cups. Their derby is called the Old Firm and is regarded as one of the biggest derbies in the world. While Rangers edge out Celtic for championships and derby wins, the club has struggled in recent times being liquidated, reformed and sent down to the lowest division in Scottish football; though they have risen up to second tier now.)

Now this opening of Ranger's doors to a side taking on their rivals does come with precedent. Back in 2013, Rangers let Juventus use their training grounds before their match against Celtic in the Champions League. Also, apparently Inter let Barcelona use Appiano Gentile in preparations for their Champions League last-16 match against AC Milan in that same year.

So it looks like the enemy of my enemy is my friend, at least when it comes to European matches. Hopefully while the players are training at Ranger's ground that morning, they can absorb some of the passion behind the rivalry and use for an extra incentive for Inter to win on Thursday. After all, with Ranger's doing Inter a favor and letting them use Murray Park, the least Inter can do in return is stick it to their rivals and knock them out of the Europa League, right?